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White Hounds Holocaust : Campaign 6 Session 10 Last Voyage of the Volcan

The very final write up of the final of the 2021-22 campaigns on post apocalyptic tenerific Craig writes the final adventure. Please check out Craig’s stuff at

https://lunarshadow.itch.io/ – store

It took many days to traverse the empty seas north but having committed to the plan after stranding the Romans the community aboard the Volcan de Tinamar saw little in the way of options. After passing through the Straits of Gibraltar the mood was hopeful, even though the fishing vessels they passed did their best to avoid the enormous ferry. Even the approach of a speedboat carrying an unfamiliar flag did little to dull the mood. Until Cesar’s eagle eyes spotted that they were well-armed.

Welcoming aboard the envoy, a woman named Fatima, the group discovered that she represented the Herculeans, a territory that claimed control of the strait and demanded a toll be paid – 30% of the remaining grain. Unwilling to capitulate to such a demand, and their counteroffer of paying with information and a token quantity of grain rejected, the Mariners told her to leave the ship with the intention of reversing course while they sought another port. Even the threat of a missile battery on the nearby cliffs was insufficient to change their mind so Fatima departed, warning the crew that the Herculeans had a reputation to uphold. The meaning of her words quickly became apparent as she clamped a device to the ship’s hull while returning to her own ship.

Fearing the worst Harry was dispatched to remove it, under the watchful eye of Cesar while Papagonzalez and Benny attempted to turn the ship to a new heading. Automatic gunfire from the speedboat succeeded in pinning Cesar down and he could only watch as a round hit Harry, causing him to fall from the ladder into the water. It was the last time he would see the medic alive.

As Papagonzalez swung the ferry around and atop the speedboat the purpose of the device became apparent – it was not, as they had initially feared, a bomb but a homing device for the missiles and they could do little but watch as the technology of the old world brought death and destruction to their lives. As the Volcan began to list in the water the Mariners attempted to set course deeper into the Mediterranean, hoping to reach open waters or a friendly port. Cesar, ever hopeful, took the launch to recover Harry’s body from the water, returning in time to begin a heroic, yet futile defence of the Volcan from a flotilla of rocket boats that had arrived with the intention of sinking the ship. Though the best sharpshooter from Tenerife felled many that day it was not enough and the ship took catastrophic damage.

artwork courtesy of Lee Williams

With the civilians escaping to the lifeboats the crew were forced to come to terms with their coming fate. It was Cesar who found the right words, “We’re not going to die until they kill us!” and, waiting until the last moment, they jumped from the deck of the dying vessel that they had come to call home. The survivors say that of the three only Benny was seen emerging from the water, clambering aboard one of the empty boats to make his escape. Cesar and Papagonzalez were never seen again and it is all but certain that they were claimed by the sea. But every once in a while a rumour spreads across the communities that line the Mediterranean, of wanderers from the outside seeking to build a better world from the ashes of the old…

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