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Final Reflections Tenerife White Hounds Holocaust 1.0

A final post on the Tenerife Campaign White Hounds Holocaust

Things i should have done better

  • The spreadsheet for tracking sessions etc was great but i should have had a tab for NPCs as it’s all floating around my head
  • Social media posts i should use have consistently used hashtags
  • We had players in different time zones who signed up but then couldn’t play. i should have included them through maybe using them as a co-GM resource suggesting ideas.
  • Combat management in a few fights i started then at too far range or in a location that didn’t lend itself to cover. meant using GURPS it became a long range plinking contest.
  • Ideally i would have liked a bit more diversity in players – they were a awesome bunch but we had only 2 women out of 32 and tended towards the older end of the spectrum.

Things that went well

  • using google street view/maps for a first person view – worked well for most people. Certainly saved me time and bandwidth in describing encounters. Eventually find out using maps and 3d you can even get views streetview can’t
  • play input into the creation/ locations – i understand this is hardwired into games like Beyond the Wall but this worked really will i will use again.
  • Dramasystem style session 0 and then me making the GURPS pre gens to reject that.
  • Allowing players to decide their party’s ‘misson’ / objectives in that session 0 and then set them loose on the sandbox.
  • players doing write ups (with considerable creativity) and keeping brief notes on a spreadsheet.
  • Having a wrap party for players from various games to meet up

The Future:

  • Tenerife 2.0 will return in maybe 2023 with
  • a combination of old groups, new groups
  • and maybe a crisis-matrix game around some of the big players (San Juan alliance, The Bishop, Los Chistianos Vikings, Scientologists, La Palma, Lanzerotte ESA and Gran Canaria Romans.
  • until then it’s Adios amigos but i’ll sign off with some selected player feedback

Player Feedback

Dirk the Dice (Chanca from the 19th hole hand wrote)

I loved it. Exceeded my expectations. I haven’t really participated in a world building exercise before and I think the way the session zero was facilitated was excellent. It was very inventive experience. Good to work with players and I enjoyed playing a potentially gonzo idea fairly straight. The google maps were ok but only added a marginal element to the game as the really powerful stuff was in our imaginations.

I still don’t really understand GURPs – the dice rolled but I didn’t really know what they were saying.

I’m pretty sad that it came to an end.

Tim ( Jorge from the 19th hole hand) says

As others have said Session 0 was brilliant, A mid campaign S-Zero after the fall of Siam, to decide the political consequences in other communities would’ve been good. As for gun-facts, I just love hearing about other people’s enthusiasms, they’re so much more interesting than my own. Only really noticed GURPS when it came to combat, and the brutality of fire arms damage really put the wind up me; which is all good. Final fire fight was tense.

An idea like Post-Apoc Tenerife could only have been dreamt up by yourself, it’s truly original, whilst most people’s idea of edgy is a 6 page, Zine-a-like boutique osr ttrpg with Neville Brody typography, meanwhile you’re off devastating a package-tour destination then offering it up as sandbox for your players. Sandbox maybe, but we still got ourselves a narrative and a crackers climax to the story. All round ace!a

Chris (Antonio from the 19th hole hand wrote)

Also the first time for me with a decent session zero including in-depth world building. Definitely something you could blog about in its own right on questions to ask and how to sort through all of the ideas to arrive at something usable. I didn’t worry too much about having to understand GURPS as the complexity was hidden by the Roll20 character sheet and you doing the heavy lifting of creating the characters based on our concepts. No mean feat in itself. It was actually the first time I have played in a post-apocalyptic game so that was interesting in itself. Particularly enjoyed the assault on the water park – just goes to show that a bit of nerve can take you a long way.

And something has to be said about the gun nerdery but not sure what!? Having said that I think I have a large reference book somewhere on military small arms of the 20th century so who am I to talk.

Dave (Papa in the Mariners wrote)

Thanks to you for this massive undertaking. The Tenerife campaign is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in the titterpig universe. Honoured to have been a small part of it.

Martin (Benny in the Mariners ) said

A superb summary. Brilliant! As far as mini-reflections I’d say the whole thing was like an early 90s Pavement album: lo-fi, seemingly homespun and mildly chaotic until you listen hard enough and you hear the links and the patterns and the genius. As a player I felt part of a ‘thing’ and it all felt special and consequential. As a GM you must have put an awful lot of work in but you carried it lightly and – as someone who is partial to a bit of railroad – I was out of my comfort zone but very happy to be there. Even the GURPS rules were unobtrusive when you had a GM who apparently knew them back to front. As for the setting: at once fantastical but soberingly realistic and that’s a hard trick to pull off too! So, there you have it. It was a real joy to take part alongside some great players. It has also made me want to vsiit Tenerife. Ciaociao for now.

Huw (Cesar greatest sharpshooter in Tenerife) wrote

Gonna second Dave in that it’s one of the most memorable things in the the Titterpig space that I’ve been involved in. Proper good role-playing, an unstoppable tempo of operations, and a great feeling of there being something bigger than just our story. Also I loved the jeopardy – felt like anything could go wrong anytime and that we were living by our wits and our luck the whole time. Until it ran out – but that was an epic and satisfying conclusion to the campaign.

Cesar and Papa totally survived to make chaos and ‘help’ people another day though, I am absolutely certain of it.

Dave ( Conchita of the Llama tribe) said

I liked the use of Google maps as it brought the scenes to life and allowed us to visualise things so much better than on a 2d map? The whole premise was excellent and the pre planning was great. Helps that the groups were a great bunch?
GURPS as a system is helped hugely by the character sheet otherwise crunch ahoy! Really enjoyed the games and players and of course the GM!

Neil ( Molly / Changa of the Llama tribe wrote)

I thought the street view worked really effectively, once we’d oriented ourselves to the map. I had a pretty good sense of the terrain around the tower

GURPS as a system has a bit more crunch to it than I’m used to, but was ok once I’d figured out the character sheet

All in all, I had a great time – cheers!

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