U.N.I.T Campaign – Co-GMing the Campaign

I hope this UNIT campaign will be co-GMed – how do i hope with do this:

People run and play games playing UNIT teams and share stories of their adventures.

That’s it.

Oh you expected more ?

Very simply i am happy to host player written play reports on this blog for my games, your games and Fredrica Blog’s games. i’d only draw the line if content passed an ethical line i wasn’t comfortable with.

GMs could keep a very simple spreadsheet of play sessions (date played, operation, PCs, key event NPCs) to share the GM fun. A GM discord or whatsapp or twitter chat is probably idea.

Of GMs want to divide the world by geography or monsters that’s fine.

But i don’t really care i think these games can be played online, face to face, convention one offs – in the pub or the park with jumpers for goal posts it’s fine.

And it will collapse under its own weight or peter out and that’s fine too – what’s go in g to be fun is building a shared world while it lasts and if then we need to let the pot cooo down for a couple of years or go off and all have our alternative dimensions or just have the memories that’s cool too.

Who’s with me ?

3 comments on “U.N.I.T Campaign – Co-GMing the Campaign

  1. Definitely with you. Are planning to pull the emerging “lore” together so that actions in one scenario affect the overall game world?
    It’s a cracking idea.

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