U.N.I.T. Campaign – Overview

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My new project is revisiting roleplaying the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (U.N.I.T) the military-paramilitary force that fights aliens in Doctor Who. I hope to do this as a Co-GMed campaign

The basic premise is thst the player characters are members of the armed forces. policeman, spies, scientists and civil servants seconded to U.N.I.T fighting alien or other menaces when the Doctor isn’t around to save the day.

Here’s an example of a scenario i ran at Devacon featuring Melchester Rovers

System wise it’s to use Delta Green but if folks don’t have that Chaosium BRP, Mythras or CoC should be compatible enough.

Discussing the concept with Lee Carnell who kindly agreed to do some character sheets we thought a fun option would be to do this as a ‘western marches’ type game – with lots of GMs running in the same universe and player character able to swop between them.

5 rounds rapid

Here is some key ideas for that:

  • the game takes place in that vague 70s/80s period of the Jon Pertwee era. For character generation i’ve picked 1982 but it’s definitely NOT ‘our’ 1982.
  • it’s a Britain of Bri nylon, ford capris, warm bitter and clingfilmed homemade sandwiches behind the bar. There’s spangles and wagon wheels are larger.
  • The unfortunate racists / sexist / homophobic shit of the 70s/80s isn’t needed at the table
  • Player character death should be a real possibility.
  • As such each player should roll up a sneaky /investigative character, a scientist type and a squaddie type.
  • do we want to consider a pool of characters with players playing the best one for the misson ?
  • This allows troupe play like ars magica if the scenario suits it.
  • Scenarios should have major consequences for a local area (so if PCs cock up a clear up or solution scenario is created for another party.)
  • Scenarios are encouraged to use the breath of fictional locations from british tv, comics and literatures
  • likewise cameos or npcs from british tv, comics abd literatire of 70s / 80s to be encourage and the wishy washy timeline allows us to be flexible
  • ie a cover for U.N.I.T investigations could be an inspection by the Department of Administrative Affairs (Yes Minister)
  • we can use a google sheet to advertise scenarios show which characters are playing – locations in play etc
  • i can host session reports on my blog (i suggest players write these as they tend to be more innovate and in character reports are fun.)
  • Scenarios could be presented in a official misson briefing – see more in the Scenarios section.
All fictional Britain to pick from


For villains there are the rich pool of Doctor Who monsters but you may also consider 

  • hostile or giant hostile animals (such as James Herbert’s Rats or Guy N Smith’s crabs.)
  • alien disease outbreaks
  • Bond like megalomaniac billionaires with insane schemes
  • Ghosts, ghouls and other creatures of folklore
  • intelligent anthropomorphic animals (possibly with unlikely martial arts abilities)
  • Aliens from other source material such as TV (a scouting party for the visitors from ‘V’’?’ or games.)
  • Traditional horror monsters
  • Counter culture terrorists
  • Psychics (the Fury, Scanners, the Medusa Touch)
  • Sinister corporations
  • pollution related mutations
  • mystics and cults
  • Criminals using alien technology or other paranormal kit (they may not fully control.)
  • Right wing coup plotters
  • The Soviets or allied spy agencies using the unusual
  • displace monsters from other mythology (i.e. minotaur) like Hammer Horror’s ‘the Gorgon’
What is shifty Ken Masters up to ?

A Call to action

Want to play ? GM ? Help some other way (art, scenario writing, admin, publicity ) then get in touch via the comments, dissectingwrlds on twitter , where you saw this posted or dissecting worlds (one word AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk.)

Join in – or don’t but follow the blog for UNIT adventures

Further Details

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