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U.N.I.T Campaign – what is U.N.I.T. ?

We deal with the odd, the unexplained. Anything on Earth…or even beyond…”

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart


United Nations Security Council resolution 242 established UNIT in December 1971. The status of UNIT varies from country to country –  the US has never set up UNIT believing it’s various US Air Force, Army and Navy projects and the FBI’s X-files meet the need to counter the alien threat while in the Soviet Union UNIT is little more than an cover for GRU their military intelligence agency. In most lands ‘UNIT’ is a desk bound staff officer collating reports of the unusual. 


Britain however – perhaps for the unique advantages its compact size, high level of development and island fortress nature presents for an invader – has had frequent cause to fight off alien threats. It was the experiences of the Professor Quatermass in the 1950s that lead to the establishment of the RAF’s Intrusion Counter Measures Group in the 1960s. Hence when UNIT was formed (having been argued for by the British) the ICMG simply became the British arm of UNIT.  The British detachment reports to UNIT HQ in Geneva as well as the British government and there can be a tension between the two.


UNIT in the UK has about 600 men. It makes frequent use of civilian scientific advisors (a Doctor John Smith having provided useful assistance in the past.) It prefers to send small teams of UNIT military (often in plainclothes) accompanied by scientific investigators (often far from plain clothed) before taking precipitous action. Commanded by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, UNIT can call on other branches of the armed forces and security services under the Special Powers Act. 


UNIT has a number of sites under its control such as a HQ Office in London (infrequently used by Brigadier unless he’s holding a meeting with other agencies,) Haylings House (site of the barracks and armoury), and Aylesbury Grange Special Detention Centre. 


The ICMG was RAF but soon allowed volunteers from the other armed services into its ranks. UNIT has expanded this policy – recruiting agents from the intelligence services and even the police while scientific advisors are hired from academia, the BRG, private sector and some even walk in off the street (or out the phone box) and volunteer their services for free.

With the exception of twin hearted alien vagabonds these are the player characters of the UNIT campaign.

One comment on “U.N.I.T Campaign – what is U.N.I.T. ?

  1. […] After the war she pivoted into a career in linguistics at Rachel Ambrose College sonething she had become fascinated working as a wartime code breaker. She maintained a friendship with a wartime comrade Professor Bernard Quatermass and was called to help with linguistic challenges the British Rocket Group. This migrated to work with the Intrusion Counter Measures Group and UNIT. […]

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