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UNIT Campaign – Location Pool – The Half Way House

My former podcasting compatriot Matt Farr @ has added this location to the UNIT campaign.

“Actually, The Manor wasn’t as terrifying or as weird as I had been forewarned. You see things more likely to devour you alive at the average Party Conference” Rt Hon Jim Hacker, Classified Memoirs.

Whilst UNIT specialises in Extra-Terrestrial threats, over the years it has become aware – more so in parts of the organisation than others – that the Earth is also visited by less menacing beings from beyond. Some are lost, some are fleeing, some are simply passing by and whilst these more benign visitors usually just leave as apparently easily as they arrive, sometimes they get stranded. Or have no-where else to go. And sometimes they can’t just fit into Human Society. To deal with this tricky issue, UNIT has The Manor.

Ableford House was built in 1704 to be the new seat of the Purcell Family. Nestled in a high corner of the Yorkshire Dales, in a village that shares its name, the family granted much of its estates to the Ministry of Defence in 1940 after one its sons (and only future heir) was killed in the Battle of France. The Manor itself remained in family hands, although billed aircrew from what would become RAF Ableford by 1942. After the war, with the last of the Purcell Family at rest, the Manor was absorbed into the airbase. Too small for jet operations, but nicely secluded, it passed into the hands of the Intrusion Counter-Measures Group and later UNIT as a training facility.

By the late sixities it was already housing a couple of “tame” aliens, and with a step up of signings and other activity in the 1970s, the airstrip and house was converted fully to a holding facility for aliens looking to leave the planet but not yet able to do so. Codes of Conduct are strictly enforced; guests are expected to conform or be moved to less convivial locations. However The Manor is largely viewed as a success, incidents are few, and it is often used as a showcase for world leaders to be “introduced” to the truth of aliens on Earth. In these visits, the dignitaries reactions are carefully observed and analysed, so UNIT can decide how much to brief them on the more complex – and dangerous – threats out there.


One comment on “UNIT Campaign – Location Pool – The Half Way House

  1. […] Albert is the landlord of the Black Hound, the local alehouse for village of Ableford , just outside Ableford Manor. […]

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