UNIT Campaign – OBaWS – Operation Dungeon pre-gens

i am running a #unitcampaign scenario at the virtual side of Owl Bear and Wizard Staff – these are the available pre gens for the 4 players to pick from.

Senior Officer, Kent Barley, MI5 , 36, CALLSIGN WHEAT-SHEAF

Kent is a British born 36 year old MI5 agent whose parents are from Trinidad. His father was a navigator in bomber command and his mother came to the UK post war.

Kent is awkward and unassuming often fading into the background and this is perfect for the deep cover roles MI5 has used him in infiltrating trade unions, peace movements and more radical groups.

In one of the missions Kent was in deep cover with the radical animal rights group Animal Action . In a raid on the laboratory of the Global Chemicals to free test animals most of the animal rights activists where massacred by a wolf-man creature. Was it an alien ? a chimera genetic experiment ? radioactive mutant ? a werewolf ? Kent didn’t know but filled an accurate factual report.

A little time later he was offered a secondment to UNIT – his level headedness and solid lack of imagination were seen as potential assets. He carries a snub nosed .38 revolver. He drives a battered ford escort and is friends with Nigel Beaumont.

Jenny Casey, Lab Assistant and aspiring tennis pro 18 CALLSIGN NOT-OUT

Jenny is a lab assistant at Porton Down working on chemical and biological weapons.

She is a very nimble tennis player but a history of injuries has stopped her turning pro. She is quite revolutionary in cross training with swimming, weights, ju-jitsu and jogging to improve her fitness – applying her scientific rigour to her sport.

Jenny’s first dream is to win Wimbledon or another grand slam. However in the mean time she needs more adventure than her current job allows so she’s just transferred to UNIT – dealing with the unexplained sounds like it might be fun ! She also gets to carry a gun – but just a little one like Kodak.

Jenny wears light and breezy practical clothing but appropriate and stylish for any professional or social setting. She has a mini metro but will use the pool car for the mission she’s not made of money.

Lance Corporal Mike England , 20, CALLSIGN HULL-DOWN

Mike is a simple no nonsense tank driver with the 7th Royal Tank Regiment that recruits from the North West of England.

Mike is a tank driver by trade – his first tour was to the British Army training field in Canada for a major exercise. One night on sentry duty under the stars he saw an aircraft. He reported it and his troop commander ordered his Chieftain tank to investigate.

Unfortunately it wasn’t an SAS squad from the opposing team on the exercise – it was a Sontaran scout ship. One shot from an alien blaster caused Mike’s tank to ‘brew up’ and he managed to escape but was captured and tortured by the alien until the remainder of his troop drove it off.

Mike was taken to a UNIT convalescent facility outside Ramsay. The psychologists determined his best chance at rehabilitation but be to actively deal with alien intrusions so he has been recruited into UNIT.

Mike’s ordeal has left him weak, sickly and spineless. He has recovered some of his charm and sense of humour. He carries a 9mm standard british army issue Browning Hi-power pistol and dresses in a leather jacket, jeans, trainers and a white Shipbuilders t-shirt. He will be driving the pool car.

Lieutenant Colonel Patrica Hamilton, Women’s Royal Army Corps (Royal Military Police) retired 62 CALLSIGN QUEEN-BEE

A graduate of Cranford ladies college and the eldest daughter of a Melchester cotton magnate Patricia joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service aged 19 in 1939. She had a ‘good war’ and continued in service after the war joining the WRAC.

In her service she has mainly served alongside the Royal Military Police in military and security ‘ in a minor capacity.’ her words. This often involved working with UNIT and all over the globe.

Retired Hamilton was bored and reached out to the Brigadier who has hired her as a consultant. She dresses like a respectable middle class woman – twin set and pearls – with a snub nosed .357 colt python in her handbag ! She will travel in the pool car.

Major Bruce Kent, Royal Green Jackets, 42, CALLSIGN HERCULES

Charming and inspiring if a little sickly / consumptive the Major served in Aden where he encountered a destroyed rebel camp. The camp hadn’t ben destroyed by British action but a Rutan who destroyed much of the then Lieutenant Kent’s platoon and sorely injured the young platoon commander.

Kent went on to have a reasonable career but that encounter nagged at him and his subsequent health problems always seemed to be traced back to that encounter. For closure he has joined UNIT. He hopes his undergraduate studies and subsequent amateur interest in archeology can somehow prove useful.

He wears saville row suits and carries a 9mm standard british army issue Browning Hi-power pistol. He drives a jaguar.

Posy Silvine, post graduate scientist, 24 CALLSIGN MOOR-SIDE

Posey is a post-graduate chemist doing advanced research into self generating polymers. This has resulted in her helping UNIT on several cases and she has successfully applied to be involved in sharp end research.

She is also a keen hiker, fisher, hunter and climber. Her parents are minor gentry. In this capacity she thinks she has seen the beast of bodmin moor but the feline had tentacles – she’s wants to see it again.

She carries a .38 revolver and has a personal 12 gauge pump action shotgun in the boot on the range rover.


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