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OSR v Storygames -hands across the barricades

Inspired by a very good scene in a very good episode of Derry Girls – I asked:

what are some of the things OSRists & storygamers have in common ? and what are some of the differences ?

Here are some of the answers i got

Brian Ashford said (check out his blog)

OSR: Prep situations, not plots.

is the same as

PbtA: Play to find out what happens.

Ralph Lovegove of the excellent fictoplasm podcast wrote:

Both emerged from a shared ideology that found fault with the mainstream (as opposed to each other)

he then added this GIF 🙂

James of the brilliant monster man podcast said

Both tend to prefer relatively short games and games where supplements don’t add to the depth or complexity of the rules?

Caldwell41 a traveller enthusiast (check out his blog) opined

They both enjoy the narrative and the plot they just disagree on where it should arise from.

Dave (check out his writing) suggested

All of them like a good story and have an ardent love of dice.

As for differences. Who cares, just kill em. Kill em all!

The very clever Paul Mitchener author of Liminal rpg put forward

Don’t prep plots; plot is emergent from decisions made in play.
Often small press publications

OSR is rulings over rules. Storygames are procedural in rules.
OSR has a DM as controlling it all. Storygames weaken or eliminate the GM role.

Neil Hopkins suggested the heart warming

I think we all live for that particular moment in a game, when the big bad goes down or there’s a memorable plot twist, when everyone cheers! Doesn’t matter if it’s a lucky dice roll or a neat bit of role playing.

Finally the ever practical Martin (who has a podcast on data storage ) suggested the great unifier

Snacks – both love snacks!!

But what about you ? What do you see as the big differences & similarities between these two often sniping wings of the hobby?

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