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UNIT Campaign – Operation Nightingale Part III

In true UNIT style we return to the crew where we last found them. Prof D. Millwall had the getaway driver at gun point when La Danser spotted a green slime oozing out of an external air vent, while Fireman Dan tried in vain to shake off the remnants of the ceiling that he had previously broken free of.

As Prof D. Millwall turns to see what La Danser has spotted he sees a local bobby walking towards them. Calling for help the Professor is Zapped instead, egad the police constable was the green slime in disguise once again. Prof Millwall returns fire but his usual proficient aim, honed from many evenings spent at the dartboard, fails him and he shoots wide. Utilising this momentary surprise, the getaway driver makes good their escape.

The green slime doesn’t take kindly to being shot at, however poorly aimed, and shocks the Professor again. This time fatally! Fireman Dan, having successfully extricated himself from the ceiling panel, seeks revenge for the death of his ally and dearest friend driving the UNIT standard vehicle straight into the slime, smooshing it against the ministry wall. Hoping, but unsure it was dead, Fireman Dan proceeds to pour sand on it.

After making sure the Professor was beyond saving, by running over him in reverse, the remaining duo speed off in pursuit of the getaway car. They track it to a clearly disused but not quite abandoned warehouse. After utilising the trusty “Enforcer” to knock off the doors, practically vaporising them in the process, they discover a Corinthian pillar with a door built into it. Entering the door, they realise the room inside seems to be significantly larger on the inside then on the outside!

Following some distant voices, the duo discovers a monk like figure speaking to two female fatale type figures. La Danser quickly hides, but Fireman Dan isn’t quite as quick and is spotted by the females who quickly square up for a fight (picture the famous scene from James Bond Diamonds are forever – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvWUDZDyFBE). Dan attempts to negotiate with the monk like figure, to no avail, and so resorts to his go to strategy of hitting it with the “Enforcer”, unsuccessfully.

While fireman Dan very quickly gets his proverbial arse handed to him by the female duo, La Danser takes the opportunity to sneak up behind and shoot the monk in the head, execution style. However, the body starts to glow and golden spots of light materialise as the central console lights up and starts making strange noises.

Once La Danser has helped Fireman Dan take care of the deadly dames, they proceed to “cap” the body of the Monk, who has now changed into a woman! This seems to stop the glowing and strange light show, but to be safe they decide to chop all 3 of the bodies up and throw them in a fire bin (bin that is on fire). Once this is taken care of, they head outside of the strange ship to radio back to headquarters. But on exiting the way they came in they find themselves no longer in the dilapidated warehouse but instead some strange facility with rows upon rows of humans suspended in liquid capsules. Looking out of a nearby window they see that only the vastness of space . . . *Camera pans out while 1980’s Syfymusic blares*

GM note the Meddling Monk’s tardis was broken – he was using Christina de Sousa, the ice maiden & a renegade Rutan to steel UNIT artefacts to repair his TARDIS.


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