UNIT Campaign – Monday night party

My regular Monday night party have rolled up 2 characters each (including me.)

Dr Harriet Fenchurch (46) is a consultant xenobiologist working for the UNIT Science Division. (Matt)

After studying Biology and Astronomy at University, she published a number of papers related to hypothetical alien life, which garnered much interest in the Alien-adjacent underworld and gained her many contacts that fed her information on actual lifeforms. This found its way into both her academic work and her (more profitable) sideline as reclusive SF writer H F Hampton, winner of a Hugo aware and famed for “realistic” depictions of Alien Worlds.

Recruited to UNIT as a consultant related to wierder alien biologies, she has now gone on several field assignments, all of which feed into both her academic, and literary careers.

Wheezy’ Sid Whelan, procurer and remover of alien tech that falls into the hands of London gangland geezers. (Rob)

Useful phrases;

‘It’s Japanese, the things they can do these days would blow your mind.’

‘It makes you wonder who won the war, really. Them and the Germans, and their ‘Four springs Turk Technique’.’

‘Of course there’s no manual, you couldn’t read it if I had one, it’s all them squiggles.’

DCI Harry Price. Detective. (Andy H)

Saw active service in Europe at end of the war. Ended up spending several years as a redcap (military police officer) hunting war criminals, some of whom were up to some seriously weird shit.

Joined the Met after leaving the army, and found himself hunting more bad people up to seriously weird shit. One investigation saw him fall foul of a corrupt aristocrat with powerful friends and nearly ruined Harry’s career. Then UNIT came knocking and got him reinstated. He’s back, and he has no time for people up to seriously weird shit.
His health has been shot since he developed consumption after the war, but he’s a handy scrapper for all that.

He has a long friendship with Eli the tailor, who was an inmate of a concert traction camp Harry liberated. Has a girlfriend Carla who he met in Naples in 1946 and brought home. And unknown to her, a friendly goblin named “Bob” whose life he once spared followed him home and lives in the garden shed.

Drives a rusty Rover 3500 in horrid mustard yellow. Carries a Colt M1911A1 and a back up Semmerling LM4 (he rates US handguns). Keeps a war souvenir Luger in his desk and an EM2 in the garden shed where his model railway layout and Bob the goblin live.

Hyacinth “Hatty” Richardson (62) (Ali)

A Bletchley Park operative who during the war helped identify the location of the Bismark (leading to its sinking) . A crossword wizz and sharp as a tack. Never married, first love is her duty to the country. Expert baker oh and code breaker ,retirement is just not on the cards. Drives a old Triumph with a sidecar which nobody is allowed to use (with the exception of Winston….her elderly bulldog)

Ralph DeWitt , 42 (me)formerly of the the Borsetshire Echo & the Daily Beast crime desk – latterly of the Department of Administrative Affairs Press Office

Fell into the civil service after falling from grace after a false scoop got his paper sued. He covered up a sea devil invasion and was recruited to UNIT. He is often found proping up the bar of the old colonial club in soho.

old colony club

Airweight Smith & Wesson 37 ’ .38 detective revolver … absent mindedly in a pocket, he always knows where his hip flask and copy of the racing post is … chooses not to drive normally but cadges lifts, grabs taxis or takes the tube. if he does drive gears make interesting noises.

Frequently wakes up on friends sofas ‘unwell’ whether in London or when he visits his old rugby union team the Borcester Barbarians.

Alexander “Bish” Marsh (42) Former RN Reserve, recruited to UNIT following the HMS Opportune incident. (Ali)

That thing we hit was not of Gods earth. Currently drives Vauxhall Cavelier . Not really cut out for chaplincy work but the Navy gave him a chance to get out from his mining town . See the world they said. Well with UNIT he’s now seeing a Damn lot more.

Stárshiy leytenánt (1st Lieutanant) Sergei Paskalov (36). (stubber)

A Russian with an inconveniently colourful past, Lt Paskalov undertook a range of non-standard missions for the Soviet Union, mainly in Switzerland & the Caucuses, dealing with former (or suspected) Nazi agents & any dabblings they might have had in “netipichnyye sobytiya “ – “atypical events”. He defected following the Prague spring & has worked with UNIT ever since. He lives in a small flat in London with his wife and tropical fish. He has no car, but instead depends on public transport in London.

Kev ‘Borstal’ Barron, forklift operator, firefighter and ambulance driver, who’s seen some weird shit. (Rob)

Turns out, if you ask too many questions about the sucker marks on a body, some officious uniformed fellas come round, and start bringing up your record, until you agree to keep schtum, and help them shift some bodies from Pudding Lane, on what should have been your night off.

Dr David Marsen (26). (stubber)

Recently graduated from Edinburgh university, Dr Marsden is a junior doctor by trade & passionate baritone by inclination. He fell into UNITs hands after he took a sledgehammer to a protected stone circle in a Scottish glen & was arrested by the local constabulary for vandalism. He is not very worldly and tends to relax with his parents on the Isle of Skye when possible. He drives a battered silver Ford Escort.

Hampton Fenchurch (48) – Matt

joined the Army straight out University, starting a promising career as a junior officer, tipped for higher things. This was cut short after a posting to the British Experimental Rocket Group, where he was badly hurt in an “incursion event” he barely remembers, but cost him his place in the service.

From there he fell into mercenary work; post-colonial clean-up, corporate advernturism, cold-war sideshows. He became dark, bitter and angry, using his skills with little consideration of morality or outcome.

He fell into UNITs orbit thanks to his sister, Harriet, who was advising them on a case in the UK whilst he was breifly back home and staying with her. As she was attacked at her home he was able to dispatch the assailants and was flagged as potential asset in his own right. Seizing this opportunity (with Harriets encouragement) to walk a better path, he’s been with them ever since as a “civilian contractor” outside of the more formal chain of command.

His favourite gun is the AK-47 – “one of these bastards can be eaten and shit out by a crocodile and you can still kill a rebel with it”

Sidearm choice is an M1911 with custom, gold inlaid grips he “aquired from a nasty chap in the Congo”

WPC Claire Franks 20 (me)

Claire Franks fresh faced Merseyside WPC on the Red squad working with special branch here infiltrating an anglo-soviet friendship rally attending by visiting Russian sailors.

Recently seconded to UNIT. She drives a second hand red mini cooper with cnd, free ireland & militant stickers – carriers a .38 revolver in a back rig and a cosh in her purse. Very nervous of guns and will aim and shout warnings.

Flight Sergeant Maggie “Chiefy” McCoy. (Andy H)

Drove a van for a while, then joined the WRAF and made it through pilot selection snd scraped a pass in flight school. Assigned to Transport Command, she encountered something unearthly while ferrying Team GB athletes at the Montreal Olympics. As she had seen too much, she was seconded into UNIT as the designated driver and pilot for a team.

Devoted to her old grandad and young niece Tracy, and a regular at her local where she plays for the ladies darts team the Boadiceas.

She carries a .22LR Wather PP L66A1 “personal protection “disco gun” with which she is barely competent. She is however fully checked out on the guns, rockets and cannon on the team’s vehicles and aircraft.

Her pride and joy are the team’s two long-wheelbase “Pink Panther” Lsnd Rovers, one each in desert and European colours, which she has christened “Pinky” and “Perky”.

Also the Hiller recon helicopter with its retro-fitted hard points for stretchers, pontoons or other payload. Like those rocket pods she traded from a USAF contact for a crate of the Brig’s Glenfiddich.

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