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UNIT Campaign – Operation Carrion -Mission report 2

Alasdair has written up last mondays UNIT session of Operation carrion as his character Hatty.


The case of the tramps that were not tramps, but something else entirely. It transpired these poor souls where actually athletes, veracious body parts removed and the bodies dumped in and around Soho. We had three lines of enquiry. One, the beginnings of a gang war between the Maltese and Benny Bennett. Two the emergence of the Sisterhood (We sent Harry to investigate that one…seemed quite at home. And finally, the disposed bodies themselves.)

Where had these victims been operated on? Certainly not West Moorland Street hospital, perhaps a private clinic? A quick ring round brought up a few clues. Seems an umbrella company by the name of “Wayland Yutani” has been buying up a number of these medical practices , but for what purpose? One particular company was incredibly stand off ish with me. Well that simply just won’t do.

We paid them a visit, with a few strange looks as we entered the premises., greeted by Toyota John he looked as charming as he sounded on the phone. Oaf of a man. His answers weren’t forthcoming so we went for a more physical approach. It was nearly our undoing as he not only pulled out his hatchet but also had some explosive ordinance that he seemed quite prepared to use. Thankfully our combined training came to the fore as Toyota John sang his heart out.
Benny Bennet is not in Spain and is in fact here in London

We have a delivery note an address in Soho square for Oxygen canisters, could it be here these surgeries are taking place?
We left the building looking at the surprised faces of the workers. “Tax Office” I explained as we exited, there were a few nods, I don’t think we raised too many suspicions.
That evening though, whilst listing to the news on the wireless, reports of an explosion, exactly were we’d been earlier in the day. Employees all taped together and blown to bits.

Toyota John

We will tidy up Toyota John later. For now that address in Soho square needs investigating.
Hatty out


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