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Prodigal Empires: The Grampii

The Grampii are descendants of a warrior cast genetically engineered by the Serpent Men who fled climate change on their home planet of mud eons ago. The Serpent Men established colonies – some seized from silicate rhomboids the Serpent men enslaved as computers. They found themselves also taking other populated worlds occupied by carbon based […]

Sabeurs and Savants : the Games

I ran my napoleon in Egypt Cthulhu hack horror twice once at Devacon II on Saturday 7 April 2018 and secondly at Virtual Grogmeet Friday 13 April 2018. I don’t want to give to much away in case I dust this game off again but needless to say SPOILERS. Both games where terrific fun and […]

Navy Patrols in the Crazy Diamond 

This is a quick run down of the patrols the Navies of the major powers send into the Diamond sector to protect their interests, discourage piracy and fly the flag in unclaimed space.   A quick word on ship sizes  Broadly speaking naval vessels are rated as follows smallest to largest: Fighter Shuttle/Dropship Patrol ship (no […]

Prodigal Empires: Shine on you crazy diamond campaign

Things are gearing up for D6 Space campaign on skype set in a range of free space inspired by FASA’s famous ‘Triangle’ Star Trek campaign. Here is the Diamond Sector (yes I know it isn’t a diamond but viewed on high enough scale maps in Imperial Capitals it looks like one so that’s what the […]