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Pink Gins & Googlies 4:2 Hunting the Big Cat

On the back foot with the arrest of Gwen Hettie and Edith go to Mags Hebbelthwaite and Mavis Winthorpe and enlist their aid in dealing with murderous big cat. Hettie brings them up to speed aggrieved at the cheeky wink the were- panther gave here as escorting the hotel with the police. They formulate a […]

Pink Gins & Googlies 4:1b Raglan Suite Rumpus

With Edith acting as a tea server with a member of hotel staff, Gwen hiding in the daybed bedroom and hettie in the clock room four visitors roll in three men and one women. 2 Indian men in western dress 1 Indian woman in western dress An Indian man in a neru suit and Gandhi […]

Pink Gins & Googlies 4:1 Bombay Murders

” MAN OVERBOARD!” Goes the cry as the SS Duncan carrying out lady cricketers turns into Bombay harbour. Quick witted Batswoman Gwendoline Devonshire, Edith Tremoux, and Bowler Hettie Larwood rush to respond. As the racing steamer has left the bleeding body in the waters – sharks circling they launch a lifeboat. Despite inept rowing they […]

Pink Gins & Googlies: Tour Match Sisters of Mercy IX

” Good Evening everyone this Mr Roifield Smyth of the Ceylon Colonial Wireless Service to bring you a summary of a most unusual cricket match. The curious covenant of the Sisters of Mercy met the ladies of the Cranford Old Girls XI in an exciting match. As well as begins a ladies match this game […]

Pink Gins & Googlies 3:2 Columbo Cocaine Adventure – KMT Leg Theory

Following from their disgrace and investigations Mavis and Mags find themselves at dinner sat with Hettie and Petra Rebecca Lomax, a throughly modern woman. Both are up for helping with the investigation into Shun Wu’s curious Cocaine and the Italian espionage. Determine to make an early morning constitutional part of their training and set off […]

Pink Gins & Googlies : Tour Match 2 : Shiekh Mumabrak’s Harem

A trial broadcast from Lieutenants Beaunt & Boycott of HMS Thunderchild on the recent match. “Good morning everyone and you join us at a very exciting days play at a somewhat makeshift pitch put on by Shiekh Mumabrak for this tour Match.” Cranford Innings “Well Captain Agatha has won the toss and put the Cranford […]

Pink Gins & Googlies 3:1 Columbo Cocaine Adventure – Let’s have a Ball

Arriving in Columbo after their march against Sheik Mumabrak’s harem XI (results ) and Aden Adventure the girls of the Cranford Old Girls XI arrive for their match in Columbo. However that evening they are guests of honour at the Ceylon Civil Servants Ball at the Governor’s residence. However Mags & Mavis soon her up […]

Pink Gins & Googlies chapter 2: Aden Adventure Episode 3 Assault on Precinct Aden

Following ‘ Detective Constable’ Jones taking Inspector Reswick prisoner Mavis back into a shelf and a vase falls off knocking her unconscious. Pacewoman Hettie Larwood keeps him talking as he backs towards the office as Mags Hebbelthwaite sneaks through the shutter abs tries to ambush him. She fails but distracts the false policeman long enough […]

Pink Gins & Googlies chapter 2: Aden Adventure Episode 2 Confrontations on corridors

Following on from last weeks shennigans the girls (minus Gwen who suffered a overdose of sherbet from her camel trader flirting) decided to investigate the Mexican exporter Manuel Hernandez in their efforts to clear Club captain Lady Agatha of jewel theft. After all if the necklace was Mexican perhaps her had something to do with […]

Pink Gins & Googlies chapter 2: Aden Adventure Episode 1 Camels & Cameras

Pink Gins & Googlies chapter 2: Aden Adventure Episode 1 Camels & Cameras

Following the pre-credits sequence Mags Hebbelthwaite (Matt) rushes back to the SS Kirby Seegston finding her team mates Mavis Winthrope (Old Scouser Roleplaying) – awkward number 3 bat Gwendolyn Devonshire (Andy S) – throughly modern woman Hettie Larwood (Andy H) – scholar girl and fast bowler She brings them up to speed on what she’s […]