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Rogue Trooper: Operation Blue Moon Play Report

I hosted a little Mersey Games Knights games day in Hus and ran a Rogue Trooper inspired game using Cthulhu Hack . This is a spoiler free play report. Using a tube like map I allowed by cut off Squad to retreat location by location. Each location had an index card with a comics panel […]

Rogue Trooper : Operation Blue Moon – a future war survival game

Mill-Com Alert! Mill-Com Alert ! Nort Marines and Kashan Legions troops have attacked the Merzicide Sector – South Fort and other Souther based have fallen – all Souther forces are ordered to head to Warring Town to regroup. Amongst the Souther troops trying to get to safety are troopers of the 889th ‘Buzzing Bees’ Regt, […]

Flashing Blades: Careers for Rogues

Flashing Blades is a marvelous game but it does have one notable imbalance – while noblemen, gentlemen and soldiers have a a lot of support in careers the guttersnipe ‘rogue’ background has no such support in the rules. This seems a little unfair, and even thinking back to the when I played the game as […]

2018 in films, TV, Books & Games

Ok there’s (checks watch) 16 hours to go but here’s my cultural journey in 2018. Read All star superman The lazy dungeon master Spike – Rene Carayol WG Graces last case – William Rushton Why employees don’t do what they’re supposed to do and what to do about it – Ferdinand F. Fournies Sexual Life […]

Prodigal Empires: Low-Fi Space Opera

Prodigal Empires is my science fiction background. It is based upon my love of such relatively low tech, human based science fiction backgrounds as the Alien franchise, Stargrunt, Rogue Trooper and Judge Dredd. The basic concept is that a dying Earth was abandoned by humanity in waves – planets first settled by generation ship colonists and then […]

The Podcasts: Dissecting Worlds & Roleplaying sessions

Amongst my other sins I also podcast. Dissecting Worlds is a podcast I co-host with my long-time friend Matt. We are hosted by the great folks at the Geek Syndicate Network who have been kind enough to let us take up their Bandwidth with our exploration of the Social Sciences in Geek Fictional Universes. Wait, […]