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Episode XI Point me at the Sky 

The Scattergun Approach delivers medical supplies to a the besieged rebel city of New Nanking  on the planet of Taiping. Thelonius spots a ground crew putting an explosive device on the ship. He draws and the saboteur takes a another ground crewman hostage. The spaceport militia head over – but don’t want to execute the […]

Episode III: Aerospace Inferno 

Summary for Summary for missing player benefit. Talk w Ragnar disrupted because greys wanted deal brought forward as greys thought there was another buyer (due to alien Al’s rumour mongering)  Thelonius tried to hardware hack the systems for where the meeting happened – didn’t work but George did a software hack and got full access  […]

Episode II: childhood’s end 

Characters arrived at Port Raja and after a frosty pep talk by station security they began to explore. Both the Sher  Khan and the Grey saucer ship where at the station so time was of the essence. A plan to try and get the Pirates on the Scattergun. Approach  and hit them with a freeze device […]

Daccian Science Marines: Intelligence Branch Threat Assessment: The Pride (File XD-387-789A) 

SUMMARY  The Pride are a self styled space pirate fraternity based on a feline motif.  As well as an active pirate ship fleet it has a social component of spies, agents and fellow travellers to support its activities. The higher elechons and select agents have access to so called ‘Outpost 31’ cybernetic enhancement and conscious […]

Cheshire Pendragon : 500ad Middlewhich Cuckoo and the Bronze Birds of Belisama

Cheshire is ill at ease after a brutal year of war in 499 and many knights join a fraternity the Kibbo Kift devoted to ceasing Cheshire fealty to Rhyons – they plot around Pellinore but take no action. The Middlewhich Cuckoo A lead is garnered regarding the disappearance of The Baroness Middlewhich, Aunt of many […]

Pink Gins & Googlies: the Pre-Gens

Some pre-gen ideas for Pink Gins & Googlies (‘Pink Gins and Googlies’ is the working title for a pulp episodic campaign based all the players characters being players of Cranford Ladies College old girls cricket tour of the Empire and United States .) Abigal ‘Smasher’ Flashard wiry greyhound like former old girl 23 and a […]

Episode VII: Biding my time (Part 2)

Debating how to infiltrate the Princip City Spaceport recover their ship the Scattergun Approach and escape the planet and it’s Blackhand masters (and the nefarious psionic grise behind them Fernando Mulch) the crew mates decide to craw up the sewer that runs beneath the southern Air Defence Tower and into the Terminal and take control […]

Episode 1: when the Tigers broke free

These are very truncated notes as I am writing them a month after the event. The Mv Scattergun Approach is delivering frozen Silurian Slime Weasels/Worms to the Colony of Sandinista on the Planet of El Dorado  to their Contact, Colony Mayor and alien traditional medicine ingredient dealer Therese Sebastian. When some of the chri units […]

The Principality of New Duninaden

  New Duninaden is one of the Ancienian colonies on the eastern coast of the continent of Discoverie. Many of the colonists in Drakesdoom hail from there. It is a colony established by the island nation of Duninaden who have a D’Elanie ruling class who have conquered the Duninaden peoples in last the last couple […]