The man behind the mask (part cinq) 

Having sorted medical attention after their altercation with the Horse Guards the Cauldroneers call into an Inn by Auxerre before the last step of their journey back to Paris and the Archduke De Mainz.  The only rooms in the Inn are taken by the alluring Lady Malfleur and her maids who waylaid by ruffians in […]

Why wait till New Year: the 100kg Grogmeet 2018 challenge 

I really enjoyed Grogmeet on 10-11 November 2017 and the year before.  A lovely time playing table top RPGs. However I also plateau bench pressing at a measly 67.5kg (148.5lbs.)  As I’m 6’4″ and 250lbs that’s not very good at all. Other lifts I’ve seen better gains (I deadlift 130kg, barbell row 90kg for instance) […]

Flashing Blades: The Man behind the Mask (part quatre) 

With Antoine and Chevalier Remi in the lead the characters head north having earlier made much play of sending a (false) scroll by mail coach only  to be be pursued by a dozen carabiners of the Colonel St.Giron’s Horse Guards outside Grenoble.  Steering their carriage into a ruined chateau the players take to its tower […]

Deva Pendragon: Year 499 The Year of the Three Invasions 

While still winter the player knights hear from Friar Stephen of Cameliard  (via messengers Sir Alfred and Sir Bruce) the location that Sir Gregory of Stafford, turned satanist is torturing their friend Sir Gilmere. Sir Anerin, Sir Hannibal, Sir Gato, Spurius and Mathuin ride to the rescue.  Sir Renauld and Sir Piran stay in Chester […]

Flashing Blades: the Man behind the mask (Part Trois) 

The Cauldroneers continue on their mission for the Archduke De Mainz. Journeying into Florence meeting the Count Del Ferro and taking possession of a bust of Adrianne by Michaelangelo, historical documents, miniature paintings & a sealed scroll for delivery to the Archduke.  An peak at the scroll suggests it is written in Italian and backwards – probably […]

Flashing Blades: the man behind the mask (part deux) 

Antonine, Joesph and Chevalier Remi travel from Valence to Marseilles meeting their house mate Jean de Griz who is in the town on banking business.  Opening the Archduke’s letter they find they are to go to a rough part of town to a Tavern Trencavel and meet the ‘King of Thieves’ and a gold goon embossed […]

Flashing blades: the Man Behind the Mask (Part Un) 

Cauldroneers Antoine, Chevalier Remi and Joesph are enjoying a quiet nice evening their house mates away on campaign or banking business. They are visited by an rough English seaman Johnny Coppers and s mute Spaniard Perdu who offer them an interview with the Archduke De Mainz who wants the Cauldroneers to do him a service.  They […]