Pink Gins & Googlies 8:1 Sydney Smash n Grab

Following the drama on the Perth stretch of the Cranford ladies old girls XI tour of the Empire and North America … ooh As Hettie, Gwen and the delightful Contessa Lemichello (Matt’s new character) wait to withdraw money a speeding tram derails and smashes into the Australian Federal Bank. The chaos is followed by domino […]

2019 holiday reading

10 days in turkey this year. Bit as much reading as last year mainly because the pool was bigger and I did more exercise. Grendel – John Gardener Heard about this at length. Much more literary than I imagined. The treatment of time made me think of merlin in Excalibur. The monster’s view of humans […]

Pink Gins & Googlies 7: 4 & 5 the Suborean Ashes

Following the challenge a cricket the ladies turn to training the Neds for their cricket match against the Trogodyltes under the old law. Cue … TRAINING MONTAGE ! Fielding Practice Edith, as a fielder, helps teach the townspeople train in the art of fielding & running out the batsmen. Sadly, the training is slightly hindered […]

Pink Gins & Googlies 7: 3 Liberty for Suborea !

Need Kelley takes the girls to his tribe – past their numerous defensive traps to their hidden caves. There they are taken to the Jolly Old Swagman leader of the tribe who wears captured molemen re-breathers abs other kit as jewellery. Need explains the ladies of the Cranford Ladies College old girls touring XI have […]

Lunchtime lairs Marvel FASERIP: Legion of Liverpool Legends 6# Day at the Museum

Boreas and Danger Dan responding to the Williamson phone here of a panic at the World museum Liverpool. While Dan glides BoreS speeds on a Triad-bike (trike) to the scene where Merseyside’s finest are surrounding the building they’ve evacuated. Speaking to museum goers they report scary figures with electric eyes. The police ok the legends […]

Pink Gins & Googlies 7: 1 & 2 Perth to Suborea express

The adventurous ladies of the Crawford Old Girls touring XI determine to investigate the Perth Ship yard Alpaca Lords which seems to supply submarines to super villains. They carry out several investigations find out it has no employees as such but recruits one scholarship boy through an open completion from local schools. They interview parents […]

Lunchtime lairs Marvel FASERIP: Legion of Liverpool Legends 4# Kraken Kerfuffle

The Legion’s downtime was interrupted by a small tsunami that washed over the Mersey, bringing with it a large mass that made its way up the river. The Legion watched the carnage from the Triad as the river washed away cars and spun a container ship crashing in to a large crane. The crane buckled. […]