Flashing Blades 1624: An Ambassadors Tales – Hapsburg Hospitality (part Un)

Racing across France the Cauldroneers cross through Switzerland and into the Austrian lands of the Hapsburg Holy Roman Emperor. There they open their secret orders warning them to guard the ambassador in negotiations with Hapsburg Emperor. Changes will result in weaken Baron Otto Von Vulkan a leading member of the Catholic League who is likely […]

Flashing Blades 1623: a snap in the dark (part deux)

Following on from the events of Part Un Joesph and Baron Remi find themselves confronted by the Crocodile-man-beast they presume to be the Chevalier D’Avgionine. The Baron gets a shot off with his pistol and then the adventurers flash their blades in an effort to ignore the beast. It’s tail flails and hurts Joesph but […]

Cheshire Pendragon 500ad: Wyatt des Routes

@baddicebad lost his son last year, a gamer and had this idea as a tribute There here is Wyatt des Routes, Cousin of Sir Renauld and Squire of newly nightly Knighted Sir Spurious Wyatt des Routes 15, is an eager young Squire who has followed the path of his cousins the Duchess of Cheshire and […]

Cheshire Pendragon : 500ad Middlewhich Cuckoo and the Bronze Birds of Belisama

Cheshire is ill at ease after a brutal year of war in 499 and many knights join a fraternity the Kibbo Kift devoted to ceasing Cheshire fealty to Rhyons – they plot around Pellinore but take no action. The Middlewhich Cuckoo A lead is garnered regarding the disappearance of The Baroness Middlewhich, Aunt of many […]

Flashing Blades 1623: a snap in the dark

Only two of the Cauldroneers enjoyed their breakfast – the Baron Remi and Joesph. Joseph’s new man servant Boulanger you replaced the crushed Pierre Davide begrudgingly answered a knock at the door – it was the landlord Anton Davide and a young lady. The lady is introduced as Madamoiselle Sonja Evelyne a steamstress who has […]

Flashing blades: 1623 The haunted villa (part deux)

Having gained access to the villa of Viscount Gilbert via the tunnels the Cauldroneers determines to explore the rest of the villa. By quick wits they determine the weight of torches racked ready for use is wrong and that they have been loaded with gunpowder as a deadly trap to the unaware. Proceeding gingerly by […]

Sabeurs & Savants : Set up and Player Characters

This is a game I intend to run this year perhaps at Devacon & Virtual Grogmeet in April using Cthulhuhack. The year is 1800 and Napoleon has been master of Egypt for a year hoping to liberate the east, establish himself as a new Alexander the Great and open up a route to conquer British […]