UNIT Campaign: Operation SECRET GARDEN : Session Two

Stubber has written up last mondays session of Matt’s #unitcanpaign game in the style of his character Sergi. From Sergeis notebook So we finally learn from journalist (Brett) hotel room that there are evidence of at least 8 other kids gone missing. 8 too large to be coincidence. Police must be all over this – […]

UNIT Campaign: Operation SECRET GARDEN: Session one

Alastair writes up this session of Matt’s scenario in the personality of his character Hatty.. Operation Secret Garden Thursday morning Settling in at our hotel in Gateshead, we reviewed our briefing documents. The reason for our involvement, our unit contact (Gwen Brett) has disappeared, 72 hours overdue. Strangely around the same time of the disappearance […]

UNIT Campaign: Mission Briefing: Operation Billy

Situation: The British fishing vessel Aberdeen Mantra has sank with loss of all hands off the sure of Estil, Irmvankia in the Arctic ocean. It’s crew reported being fired on from the shore by a ‘death ray.’ Irmvankia does not have UNIT detachment being small and non-aligned. The election of the Volksirmvanka Partie government replacing […]

UNIT Campaign; Telly Savalas looks at Irmvankia

Cheesy Telly Savalas voiced promo (such as below) for a location of a future #Unitcampaign scenario Nestled in the arctic Ocean between Iceland and Norway is Europe’s hidden gem with a rich heritage and burgeoning oil wealth. There may not be flying fishes playing but they’re are dolphins and whales a plenty in Irmvankia , […]

My approach to Dungeon23

10 days into Dungeon 23 and i actually have a plan! Hang on you say – what is Dungeon 23 ? This was an idea of Sean McCoy on Twitter and in essence is simple: The idea is to do this in a journal format. It’s a good writing prompt. But i’m not much of […]

D&D 5th Edition: Fishmas Part II

After some sessions which didn’t get write ups are Rhyme of the Ice Maiden party played in DM Lockdown’s christmas special it has fallen to me to narrate last thursdays adventure in the character of my fighter Le Mesurier writing to an old army comrade. Sergeant Hubert, Ducal Barracks, Florencine Happy Fishmass Hubert I trust […]


To start Matt Farrs #Unitcampsign scenario we played local charvers who attempted to tip off the local shopping centre and got more than they bargained for – this in their own words is the story of Arthur, Barry, Darren, Claire and Liz. Barry ‘Ah man it was meant ta be dead good and then it […]

Culture List 2022

Best of the YearTV The English – splendidly gothic western Books A Game of Birds and Wolves (about the Western Approaches Tactical Unit who wargamed solutions to U Boat tactics) Comics Barbarian Lord – Matt Smith – noirish nordic saga-like stripped down comic. Film Magic (1978) – superbly disturbing evil ventriloquists dummy movie. Games – […]

2023 Gaming Plans – looking ahead

Having spoken about my gaming experience 2022 let’s look ahead at 2023. All this is very much planned in pencil as work and life might send all kinds of surprises. UNIT I aim to keep running and playing in the #unitcampaign . We have Matt’s Operation Secret Garden in the New Year with the Monday […]


Briefing for Matt Farrs #Unitcampsign scenario starting next week : A series of disappearances have been linked to the local Shopping Mall in Gateshead. Local authorities seem unconcerned with a handful of dissolute youths who have probably just moved away in search of better opportunities, but a pattern is emerging that has put it on […]