Nueva Esperanza: Year 2 Turn 2 Phase 1 : The Invasion of Syk

  This encounter battle took place in thick forest and bush with limited visibility. The invading Midgardians figuring this would enable their superior troops to overwhelm the superior firepower of the Syk defenders in close combat.     The defending forces were considerable and outnumbered the attackers by at least 2 to 1. However the […]

Nueva Esperanza: End of Year 2 Turn 1

After an inert turn from some nations – The Moaists conitune to gain ground with some minor acquisitions from the CRIME  and the Galtanians. Rome looks increasingly squeezed in a strip of territory.

The Third Battle for New Rome

The Galtanians fell upon Rome like wolves on the fold There tanks glistening, their eyes dreaming of gold Little did they know that an ambush was in store. Flushed with success the 2nd Cohort tried to finish the disorientated Galtanians with a charge but was beaten back by withering fire, pursued and destoryed. A Galt […]

AK47 Republic: The Lake Everdin Campaign

This is a wargame background for AK-47 Republic which is a set of rules for post colonial Africa warfare. In any event my regular opponent and I established this background for the battles. AK-47 General background and Map Here is some information on the various combatants DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF LAITU TOE CICEROESIA REPUBLIC OF HOPKINSESIA […]

Nueva Esperanza Turn 3 Phase 2 Battles

1 MAJOR battle as the victorious roman infantry try to retake their capital from the Galts. Meanwhile FIPPS occupies Ho Chi Minh privnce while the Maosts occupy Dissecting Wold.

Nueva Esperanza: T3 Ph1: Provinca Nova

ISLAND NEWS NETWORK Details are sketchy but it looks like the Maoist forces attacking Provinca Nova stopped mid-march after developing a clear idea of Roman opposition force. An numbered source reports the Maoists where about to attack a force twice their size and decided discretion was the better part of valour.

Nueva Esperanza: T3 Ph1: The Capture of Rome

Magister Equitium flush from his recent victories looked again at the reports coming – he was outnumbered 10 -1 not allowing for the more modern vehciles the enemy had. With a heavy heart and having ensured the Imperial Family and Church relics where loaded in his personal baggage train Equitium abandoned the City of Nova […]