flashing blades

Virtual Grogmeet 19: Flashing Blades

Friday 12 April a chance to show the strengths of one of my favourite system FGU’s 1983 musketeer game ‘ flashing blades’ playing the Grand Marksmenship Tourney & Scavenger Hunt. SPOILER WARNINGS I am running this at DevaCon 2019 & perhaps at Grogmeet 2019. Dramatis Personae I reused some PCs from the Grand Theatre run […]

Flashing Blades 1625 2018 season finale : a Tale of Deux Mademoiselle’s (Part Trois)

Durand returns from barracks having been investigating the sickness and poisoning of his troop of Royal Dragoons horses to catch up on Antoine and Joseph’s harebrained scheme. There then followed an undignified wrangle over whether Antoine or Durand would have the honour of seducing Amanda Pepperbox. Eventually the plan was determined – Durand despite his […]

Flashing Blades 1625 a Tale of Deux Mademoiselle’s (Part Deux)

Durand pulled away to deal with issues of the Royal Dragoon’s livestock Antonine and Joesph continue to deal with the issue of Princess Iona and Amanda Pepperbox. Antonine decides to tell the Cardinal but popping out sees three monochrome members of Lion’s Claws – the elite Swiss mercenaries in the pay of the Doge of […]

Flashing Blades 1624: a years end and 1625 a Tale of Deux Mademoiselle’s (Part Un)

Flashing Blades 1624: a years end and 1625 a Tale of Deux Mademoiselle’s (Part Un)

Following on from An Ambassadors Tales we work out careers Joesph continues to be a spear carrier at the Comedie Franchaise , Antoine takes up the offer of a place in the Cardinal’s Guard developing the requisite skills. However his weak muscles mean he is destined to be a arquebuiser rather than a poleaxe wielding […]

Flashing Blades 1624: Diplomatic Immunity (Part Trois)

Fleeing from the Pepperbox estate the Cauldroneers and Amanda head towards London down the coast road. Hit their horses full pelt but have to pull over and hide when a passing patrol of 20 English Cavalry troopers go past with a woodcut of them. Suspicious that Amanda appears to be trying to signal the troopers […]

Flashing Blades 1624: Diplomatic Immunity (Part Deux)

Arriving in some parts beaten up (Durrand) from their duel with the Bedford Musketeers the Cauldroneers ate greeted by Matthew Talant and taken to meet Lord Pepperbox. Before meeting the Walrus like Pepperbox they meet his identical looking daughters – the haughty and cruel Charlotte (with a red ribbon) and the put upon and passive […]

Flashing blades 1624: an Ambassadors Tales: Diplomatic Immunity

The Cauldroneers fleeing the Netherlands on the English sloop Swift arrive in Harwich. Met by a carriage and troop of Royal cavalry they set off for London. There orders from Richelieu are to escort M Beinvieu to London and then set off for Dover and secure a vessel ready to despatch at a moments notice […]