flashing blades

Flashing Blades 1624: Diplomatic Immunity (Part Trois)

Fleeing from the Pepperbox estate the Cauldroneers and Amanda head towards London down the coast road. Hit their horses full pelt but have to pull over and hide when a passing patrol of 20 English Cavalry troopers go past with a woodcut of them. Suspicious that Amanda appears to be trying to signal the troopers […]

Flashing Blades 1624: Diplomatic Immunity (Part Deux)

Arriving in some parts beaten up (Durrand) from their duel with the Bedford Musketeers the Cauldroneers ate greeted by Matthew Talant and taken to meet Lord Pepperbox. Before meeting the Walrus like Pepperbox they meet his identical looking daughters – the haughty and cruel Charlotte (with a red ribbon) and the put upon and passive […]

Flashing blades 1624: an Ambassadors Tales: Diplomatic Immunity

The Cauldroneers fleeing the Netherlands on the English sloop Swift arrive in Harwich. Met by a carriage and troop of Royal cavalry they set off for London. There orders from Richelieu are to escort M Beinvieu to London and then set off for Dover and secure a vessel ready to despatch at a moments notice […]

1624: Flashing Blades – Ambassadors Tales – The Binnenhof Affair

Leaving Spain the Cauldroneers have soon rest and recuperation in France in April. In this time Antoine completes learning his letters and adds forgery to his repertoire. Recalled to the Palais Royale the party are gifted high quality daggers with poison pills in a hollow pommel and sent on new missions escorting Monsieur Ambassador Beinvenu […]

1624: Flashing blades: Torre El Diablo (part deux)

Travelling to the Spanish political prison the Cauldroneers leave Jean and his six muskets in an overwatch position while Durand, Joesph and Antonine swim the moat and up the underground stream to the internal well. In the half moon night they climb the moon noticing a few pairs of lazy drunken and sleepy guards. They […]

Flashing blades 1624: Ambassadors Tales – el Torre el Diablo (part un)

Matters resolved in the affair of the Constantinople Emerald the Cauldroneers & Ambassador Beinvenue sail via Sicily escorted by the pirate Alsalah to Sardinia. The Emerald was granted the pirate fit certain papers. There resting the Dragoon Durand attempting to boast his way into local horse races ends up offending the locals and getting into […]

Flashing blades 1624: an Ambassadors Tales Constantinople Emerald (part Trois)

The Cauldroneers successfully shadowing Joesph playing court to Iona on her nightly travels through Carnival not withstanding Punch n Judy shows Curious silent white robed abs masked figures taking an interest in Antonine & smelling of nutmeg The Venetian custom of ‘grabbing the duck’ Narrowly escaping the interest of pick pockets So with Durand surviving […]