flashing blades

1624: Flashing blades: Torre El Diablo (part deux)

Travelling to the Spanish political prison the Cauldroneers leave Jean and his six muskets in an overwatch position while Durand, Joesph and Antonine swim the moat and up the underground stream to the internal well. In the half moon night they climb the moon noticing a few pairs of lazy drunken and sleepy guards. They […]

Flashing blades 1624: Ambassadors Tales – el Torre el Diablo (part un)

Matters resolved in the affair of the Constantinople Emerald the Cauldroneers & Ambassador Beinvenue sail via Sicily escorted by the pirate Alsalah to Sardinia. The Emerald was granted the pirate fit certain papers. There resting the Dragoon Durand attempting to boast his way into local horse races ends up offending the locals and getting into […]

Flashing blades 1624: an Ambassadors Tales Constantinople Emerald (part Trois)

The Cauldroneers successfully shadowing Joesph playing court to Iona on her nightly travels through Carnival not withstanding Punch n Judy shows Curious silent white robed abs masked figures taking an interest in Antonine & smelling of nutmeg The Venetian custom of ‘grabbing the duck’ Narrowly escaping the interest of pick pockets So with Durand surviving […]

Flashing blades: manoeuvres fantastic

Here are a few team manoeuvres that have come up from recent musing and convention antics Le Switcheroo Two adventurers who have spent at least a month practicing can on both performing a defensive movement short action as their first action (dodge/sidestep/duck) swop their opponents once a combat per pair of opponents. Therefore wrong footing […]

Flashing blades 1624: an Ambassadors Tales Constantinople Emerald (part Deux)

A busy day of scheming and planing by the Cauldroneers with a run through shadow of the princess Iona (in preparation of the actual heist/switch) both of which will be played through next week. However during a soujourn Durand tried to milk Venetian soldiers for information resulting in offence, and enhance of insults and a […]

Flashing blades 1624: an Ambassadors Tales – the Constantinople Emerald

Having concluded the adventure of the Ambassadors Adventure the Cauldroneers and M. Beinvenue travel South to Trieste. They open their sealed orders from the Cardinal informing them to accompany the Ambassador to a secret meeting then proceed to the Republic of Venice and secure the ‘ Constantinople Emerald’ with the help of the Cardinal’s Venetian […]

Flashing Blades 1624: An Ambassadors Tales – Hapsburg Hospitality (part cinq – let us prey ! )

Consulting plans of the schloss reviewing the attacks, looking at spaces the Cauldroneers determine a likely hiding space in the attic crawl spaces over an empty wing of the castle. A ploy to try and spot chemical smoke from a poison lad comes to nothing so they head onto crawl space. There they find two […]