lunchtime lairs

Lunchtime Lairs 19d: Escape from I.G.O.R

Arjad the Arcane and the unlucky Waterwind are working in UGGE salt mines having been taken prisoner (what happened to Satanna ? Maybe he was working in another working party.) They’ve spotted a blue domes castle has been built by the orcs on a nearby volcano. One night they are minding their sores & bruises […]

Conjourers Club Lecture: the Union Of the Greater Goblin Empire

The Conjuror’s Club is a ramshackle club for magic users in Thiefstown which holds lectures on the night of a new moon for its members here is a recent lecture inspired by a recent lunchtime Lairs** adventure. An aged wizard called Kaos with salt and pepper hair marches on stage. ” listen up – this […]

Lunchtimelairs B&B3&5 Blazing Presses

Week 7 in the election campaign and the party as the ‘money for everyone’ party hire a prostitute who books a room in the drovers hotel. They then charm Mayor Cassidy of the rival Law and Order party to murder her while Seneca is being interviewed by Parker of the Promise City Herald at the […]

Lunchtimelairs B&B3&4 The Thick Of it

In the midst of the Promise City election campaign our hearty murder hobos – I mean adventurers decide to get serious. While nominally they want to win to flush out the Colonel of the Konsolidated Farmers of Chicken who tried to kill them the realisation of they win they could fleece the town dry seems […]

Lunchtimelairs B&B1 Go West crushers of the chicken industry

Lunchtime Lairs is a regular Wednesday lunchtime game 12-2 at justplay games in tithebarne street, Liverpool The story so far after sundry adventures the adventurers got to the town of Celebration found it was a cunning trick of Farqual’s evil brother Barqual unwittingly released the chocolate Kaiju demon Hersey – Hesse’s to the Guy Farm […]

Lunchtime Lairs 18d: an aside Agent of I.G.O.R.

A gargoyle clock sounds and the Master goes to elevenses leaving the unlucky Waterwind & Satanna in the care of Igor. Unexpectedly Igor offers to free them he’s some form of undercover agent and needs they’re help to get control of the rampaging chimera they freed. The adventurers agree, passing Cerebus who Igor is able […]

Lunchtime Lairs 17d: an aside accountant anarchist assassins

Lunchtime Lairs is a Wednesday lunchtime Jane in Liverpool city centre at the premises of the excellent Justplay games 12-2 every week – come and join us. We are currently playing Blackhack. This scenario was run by Me as a filler as Dave could continue our adventures in celebration. Waterwind the tax collector mage and […]