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Lunchtime Lairs: MSH FASERIP Liverpool Legion Of Legends 2# Battle of Victoria

The Williamson phone sounds a blue figure is trying to destroy the Queen Elizabeth courts and must be stopped. (Boss Banana is out of town) Danger Dan tries to glide jut gets stuck on the top of the strand shopping centre. The noise of the Triadcopter rescuing him fro its roof provides plenty of ammunition […]

Lunchtime Lairs: suggested battlecries for the Legion Of Liverpool Legends

I asked on twitter and Facebook The avengers say ‘avengers assemble the teen titans ‘teen titans go!’ – what should the league of Liverpool legends battle cry be ? I got the following suggestions* – which one while make print (play ?) Wes dead boss like Legends, gives it toes Legends pile in ! Come […]

Lunchtime Lairs: MSH FASERIP Villain Profile: Dimbyd Duck

International duck of mystery Fighting: remarkable (30) Agility: Good (10) Strength: Good (10) Endurance: remarkable (30) Reason: excellent (20) Intuition: excellent (20) Psyche: excellent (20) Health: 80 Karma: 60 Popularity: 5 (50 in Wales) Powers: Flight (good) Swimming (good) Water resistance (excellent) Talents Burglary, alarm systems, Contacts Criminal, Welsh nationalist First Appearance Fly Half & […]

Lunchtime Lairs: MSH FASERIP Villain Profile: Doc Orlanth

Fighting: Monstrous (75) Agility : Remarkable (30) Strength: Amazing (50) Endurance: unearthly (100) Reason: excellent (20) Intuition: excellent (20) Psyche: incredible (40) Health: 255 Karma: 80 Popularity: 0 (normal) 50 (runequest fans) Powers Weather Control (Amazing) Matter manipulation (air) (amazing) Energy manipulation (electricity) (amazing) Flight (amazing) Lighting sword (amazing electrical edged damaged) Immortality (amazing) Talents: […]

Lunchtime Lairs: MSH FASERIP Liverpool Legion Of Legends 1# A Day at the Races

After a few sessions in the triad danger room (to get used to the rules) which sent Danger Dan to his shelf of self-help books, the heroes got a call on the triad phone. Boreas and Boss Banana stop using their powers to make snow cones and Danger-Dan puts down ‘ I’m ok, Your ok’ […]

MSH FASERIP the Triad – Liverpool Legion Of Legends HQ

The Legion Of Liverpool Legends are based in the former Goverment building The Triad. 23 stories (89m) high in Bootle with commanding views over the River Mersey, Liverpool and surrounding areas it is an excellent headquarters. When the building was vacated ‘Mr Williamson’ the team’s mysterious benefactor purchasers it and completed refitted it – it […]

Lunchtime Lairs: MSH FASERIP Behold the Liverpool Legion Of Legends !

Fighting crime out of the Triad building Bootle come a new Regional British superteam: Boreas (Immortal mutant) I have been a king, a beggar, a soldier, a slave. I have been worshipped, feared, derided, dismissed, and cursed. I have seen empires rise and fall, the glaciers come and recede, veldt become desert. I am the […]