lunchtime lairs

Dragons Den \ Shark Tank Dungeons

Talking in Dave Griffith’s Mork Borg game i play this Thursday I had an idea. Apologies if this treads on any territory covered in King of Dungeons which i haven’t read, The concept is an annual tournament where adventuring parties with super ambitious raids on complicated dungeons which will require many hirelings and special resources […]

Black hack Thursday nights: Garibaldi & Albus Stumbledore backstory

Two of my Thursday nights black hack players both have a political exile background – the players agreed they were going to be connected one (the fighter Garibaldi) having disposed the other (the Mage Albus Stumbledore) before being disposed in turn. Given the Mage has a sun drill as a magical item I’m incorporating that […]

Running (or ruining) Terror of Trollmarsh (WD74)

I recently with my Thursday (work) black hack group ran the Hammer Horror meets Agatha Christie scenario Terror of Trollmarsh. Now a lot of fun was had but we breezed through it in 6 hours and I’ve been thinking how I’d do it again. On reflection I think I’d do the following Run it as […]

Black hack : the hermitage

The Black & blue (my work black hack group cleared out the Hermitage from WD65’s the Philosopher’s stone last night, As well as having a full dungeon of alchemical ingredients fir the wizard Alber to play with At the urging of their replacement thief Talon (Creed’s having been dragged to hell by the assassination demon […]

Black hack parties

I’ve had lots of fun running black hack on roll 20 during lock down with my Monday group and a work group on Thursday using old white dwarf and adventurer tools – not doing full write ups as home schooling is taking a lot of bandwidth but here’s a few pics including sketches of the […]

Lunchtime lairs Marvel FASERIP: Legion of Liverpool Legends 6# Day at the Museum

Boreas and Danger Dan responding to the Williamson phone here of a panic at the World museum Liverpool. While Dan glides BoreS speeds on a Triad-bike (trike) to the scene where Merseyside’s finest are surrounding the building they’ve evacuated. Speaking to museum goers they report scary figures with electric eyes. The police ok the legends […]

Lunchtime lairs Marvel FASERIP: Legion of Liverpool Legends 4# Kraken Kerfuffle

The Legion’s downtime was interrupted by a small tsunami that washed over the Mersey, bringing with it a large mass that made its way up the river. The Legion watched the carnage from the Triad as the river washed away cars and spun a container ship crashing in to a large crane. The crane buckled. […]

Lunchtime lairs: villain profile: The Cryptozoologist

From Wednesdays Danger Dan one shot here is the Cryptozoologist. Fighting: Typical Agility: Good Strength: Good Endurance: Excellent Reason: Remarkable Intuition: Remarkable Psyche: Remarkabke Health 46 Karma 90 Talent: Biology, zoology, tracking, cybernetics Equipment: cybernetic control material, stolen quintet, remarkable strength stun blaster Abbas Haddad was an Iraqi refugee settles aged 8 in Solihull in […]

Lunchtime Lairs: Marvel FASERIP Solo Daring Deeds of Danger Dan 1# Ai Capybara !

With Boss Banana recharging after watching too much local election coverage, Boreas doing his community service & Bugbear doing science stuff Danger Dan finds himself taking at call in the Triad. He is invited to provide celebrity endorsement and colour for a self help book by its author April Caerphilly. They agree to meet at […]

Lunchtime Lairs: MSH FASERIP Liverpool Legion Of Legends 3# Get off ya horse and drink ya milk

Our heroes awake – their triad headquarters is trashed – Liverpool is smoking hole, the city is covered in undergrowth and corpses. Exploring they find no car is older than 1985 and looking in an abandoned Safeway’s find a newspaper from 1985 ‘ PRESIDENT WAYNE THREATENS SOVIETS’ They determine they are in an alternate timeline […]