Nueva Esperanza

Nueva Esperanza: Titan Class Mech construction

A Niptish colonial cruiser passing by nueva esperanza took this photo from orbit of Galtanian über-mech construction (my wargame partner Jim doing a scratch build.)

Nueva Esperanza: End of Year 2 Turn 1

After an inert turn from some nations – The Moaists conitune to gain ground with some minor acquisitions from the CRIME  and the Galtanians. Rome looks increasingly squeezed in a strip of territory.

Nueva Esperanza Y2T1Ph2 Conquest of Lapus Magna

A Roman Limitanei (Milita) unit guarded a Roman weapons research facility. It was attached by Valkyrie Asset Acquisitions (International) Ltd forces of mecha. Out gunned the miltia abandoned their billets which turned into a rout. Fleeing the were flanked and pinned by a unit of battle bots and ultimately and in very short order destroyed.

Nueva Esperanza Y2T1Ph2 The Battle of the Three Armies (No 3 the 7th Battle of Nova Roma)

Magister Galtaniaus Julia ordered the 5th Cohort into Ambush in the old Bathhouse and then set up his command in the Vigilantes Precinct house accompanied by the surviving (RPG) century of the 6th Cohort. The Emperor had given his word he was coming with reinforcements as had that old Rogue Magister Equitium. The Galtanians advanced […]

Nueva Esperanza: Galtanian fighter bombers attack Nova Roma

No sooner had Galtanian forces entered the suburbs of Nova Roma reports have come in of an airstrike close to the Imperial Palace.  This confirms suspicions that the Galtanian companies had mastered the lost technology of flight and found a solution to deter dragon attack on their aircraft. The Roman authorities are keen to point […]

Nueva Esperanza: Y2T1Ph1 The Battle of Three Armies (No 2 – 6th Battle of Nova Roma)

Hydra Free Companies Consortium After-Action Report STOCKHOLDERS EYES ONLY Our sub-contracted forces of the Galt Militia, the National Rifle Associates (NRA) and Condotiterro League (CL) advanced on the target. In opposition were two units of the primates ‘Legion’ known as cohorts. These troops have superb morale and discipline however our forces had superior mobility and firepower. The […]

Nueva Esperanza: Y2T1Ph1 The Battle of Three Armies (No 1 – 5th Battle of Nova Roma)

Almost known as the 5th, 6th and 7th Battles of Nova Roma. The Emperor paced nervously between the walls of the antechamber chain smoking the gold-banded amber cheroots he had listened to his staff. A moments thought and he stopped the purple and gold of the uniform glinted in the dim lighting. “So, Maoists are […]

The Battle of New Troy

Attacked by CRIME the forces of the independent colony of Troy assembled the bulk of their army in the capital hamlet of New Troy.  While the armoured forces of the Grenadier Guards advanced on the Capital the Wheatshire Fusiliers took key objectives in the hills and the wood. The CRIME forces where haughty professionals but […]

Battle of Baetica Inferior

The nervous farmboys and merchants sons finished mass picked up their pilum assault rifles and took to their trenches into front of the small market town of Baeticativium. Across the plain came the an all arms Maoist battlegroup – mortars, armoured tractors, recoilless rifles, RPGs. Centurion Joespheus lowered his field glasses – it confirmed everything […]

Nueva Esperanza: The Liberation of Karl Marx Provence

The last tins of canned haggis had been used up over the winter, with the rest of the supplies and the threadbare darned uniforms supplemented by captured Maoist kit meant the surviving ‘No Surrender’ FIPPs forces of Elder Alex where a funny sight. The winter snows had melted and now it was only a matter […]