Pendragon: Knights of Cheshire 495-496

Here are the first two years of our Play By Email (PBEM) of the Pendragon Campaign set in Cheshire with the players beginning as Squires in Dux Randle of Chester. Most of the player characters are brothers and cousins (Grandchildren of Baroness Middlewhich) with sundry other hangers on joining them in their adventures. I will do a different post for […]

Pendragon PBEM more thoughts 

I really want to run a Pendragon PBEM… or do I ? Here are my thoughts I welcome yours on Facebook, twitter or comments  Format  I think the end of year, battles & set piece events lend themselves to play by email play. Responding to Aggravaine accusing Lancelot is a nice clear issue – likewise […]

The Joy of Bases

Listening to Douglas and Dragons I found it intriguing listening to a group discussing how to covert a conquered drugs warehouse into a base with conversations about decor, layout and who was taking which room. This got me thinking. Most of my recent games have featured ‘carousel’ parties where different characters drop in and out. […]

Cheshire Dialect for Pendragon

I cannot for the lift of me remember where I got this from so apologies if it was the internet – I’ve put in some ‘scouse’ anarchroisms as well but the idea would be to give the yokel NPCs a Cheshire flavour without slipping in the ‘mummerset’ accent GMs (myself included) fall in by lazy […]

Manors of Cheshire c 530ad

CLANS AND THEIR MANORS This is some prospective clans for a cheshire campaign based around a boy king campaign and using the ancestor tables elsewhere on the blog. Grandfathers of Clans with the larger share of manors will feature more than once and a father holding one or more manors would also be possible. Patriarch […]

Pendragon: The Deva Legion

(here are some thoughts by Stewart Stansfield – historian, musician, bon vivear, gamer on the potnetial forces Deva (Chester) would have in a Pendragon campaign alongside the more normal knights. Reproduced with permission. Oh and I used to be known as Moose back then) What is a key point I think, is that although Devaic […]

Ancestor tables for Deva Pendragon

In Pendragon you role for ancestor’s expoilts to determine family hisotry and some stats. Given that the tables provided with the game as based on a Southern briton’s lifestyle they would not fit the Chester game so here is some alternatives. Like many mechanics in Pendragon they used D20. Grandfather, 455-473 Grandfather was born when […]