Magnumcast Episode 28: There is nothing stupid about that parrot 

Magnumcast Episode 28: There is nothing stupid about that parrot 

MagnumCast episode 28: The Colonel finally gets his stupid parrot: Advertisements

MagnumCast episode 27: Sound arrows

The guys review the episodes Of Sound Mind and The Arrow That is Not Aimed. Listen to what they have to say. We know you’re intrigued.

Magnumcast Episode 26: MagnumCast After Dark

The guys record really late in the evening UK time so things go a little quicker than usual. They still review the season three episodes Almost Home and Heal Thyself, because they are committed to their responsibilities.

MagnumCast Episode 25: So Anyway

Luke has to put up with the Colonel’s sass and shenanigans while they review Magnum, P.I. episodes Mr. White Death and Mixed Doubles.

Episode 24: Flash foiled

Luke and the Colonel reviews season three episodes Flashback and Foiled Again. They like them, but why? The answers may surprise you. Or not. I’m not giving everything away in the show notes.

Episode 23: Double your pleasure, double your fun

The boys are back for a second time this month as they get this show back on schedule and review the episodes “Past Tense” and “Black on White,” and the latter generates a lot of discussion. Have your own thoughts? Drop them a line and let them know what you think!

Magnumcast Episode22 : No you missed a month ! 

The MagnumCast may have missed February, but Luke and the Colonel are back and ready to get this train back on schedule. This episode they review the episodes “Ki’is Don’t Lie” and “The Eighth Part of the Village.” Let the guys know what you thought of these episodes or the podcast in general, and drop […]