Arachne System

Episode XI Point me at the Sky 

The Scattergun Approach delivers medical supplies to a the besieged rebel city of New Nanking  on the planet of Taiping. Thelonius spots a ground crew putting an explosive device on the ship. He draws and the saboteur takes a another ground crewman hostage. The spaceport militia head over – but don’t want to execute the […]

Mercenary Gazette: Trailblazers

The Mercenary Gazette is write ups of various mercenary groups active in the Prodigal Empires universe. Lakshmi Ram graduated with flying colours from the Xeno-environment survey course of her home colony the Republic of Sudhara Bharat…right into the middle of an inter-stellar economic depression. In the absence of any planetary exploration jobs she signed up […]

NE T2 Ph2 The Battle of Thermscyria

NE T2 Ph2 The Battle of Thermscyria

Running from their temple the Amazonian Guard picked up their aged rifle and took guar dint he barrack house. The ancient walls of the City had protected the sisterhood in times gone by but the population had gradually fallen attracted by work and other temptations in CRIME and the Galt Republic. Only the devot remained. […]

NE T2 P2 The Massacre of Paul

Elder Knox attempted to smuggle his small force of survivors fromt he abortive FIPPS invasion of Midgard through the Migard occupied FIPPS province of Paul. His convoy sped through the night attempting to run to the FIPPS capital of James. Unfortunately his force of truck borne infantry and towed artillery was enagaged by Midgard tanks, […]

The 2nd Battle of Chaosia – or two bald men fighting over a comb

The Nova Roman armour and cavlary advances Magister Equitium  cursed the dawn and the short visor on his general’s peaked cap as his hand shielded his eyes from the early suns glare. His spare hand wrestled out a pair of sunglasses and with them on he stood up in his staff car and looked across […]

NE T2 Ph 2 2nd Battle of Geek Synd

FIPPS forces avoided being ambushed thanks to a tip off by Geek Synd partizans (former members of the Kentucky Nuge’s Rifles eager for liberation from the CRIME oppressors.) They stole upon unexpecting CRIME forces by the unfinished Backpack-McKlusky railway line (whose contrustion was delayed by the wars.) Panicking Brigadier Skeets moved his infantry of the Furshire Foresters  to […]

Turn 2 Phase 1 Map, League Table and Turn 2 Phase 2 Battles

Turn 2 Phase 1 Map, League Table and Turn 2 Phase 2 Battles

League Tables The Map after the Battle with inroads being made in FIPPS territory even as they advance and things hotting up on the Galt/Rome border. And next turns battles (technically the Galt invasion of Necrpolis should have Phase 2 but as it doesn’t affect resources or other players Phase 2 moves I will let […]