Crazy diamond sector

After 6 Months play: The state of the Crazy Diamond

After 6 months (to the day) of the play the Crazy Diamond Sector has been a bit more fleshed out by the voyages of the MV Scattergun Approach and the sterling help provided in scenarios and ideas by my friend Stubber. Here then is what the Crazy Diamond sector looks like now: A lot more […]

Episode XI Point me at the Sky 

The Scattergun Approach delivers medical supplies to a the besieged rebel city of New Nanking  on the planet of Taiping. Thelonius spots a ground crew putting an explosive device on the ship. He draws and the saboteur takes a another ground crewman hostage. The spaceport militia head over – but don’t want to execute the […]

Episode IX: Merry Christmas Song 

The crew are shipping presents donated by the SANTA Cotporation  to a children’s orphanage but Thelonius is contacted by a mildly psychic taking Mongoose with large hand like paws calling himself Gef. The cheeky ferret is an Evolved Life Form (or ELF) who are held as slaves by the SANTA corporation. He offers the crew […]

Episode VIII:Horses

Tau Verde is a world that is undergoing terraforming as it sits at an amazingly good jump nexus point – which basically means finding a sterile ice-world, heating it up & grafting lifeforms onto it. When it is completed, its going to be a second Earth as the gravity & magnetic field is perfect– though that’s […]

Episode VII: Biding my time (Part 2)

Debating how to infiltrate the Princip City Spaceport recover their ship the Scattergun Approach and escape the planet and it’s Blackhand masters (and the nefarious psionic grise behind them Fernando Mulch) the crew mates decide to craw up the sewer that runs beneath the southern Air Defence Tower and into the Terminal and take control […]

Episode VI: Biding my time 

While Captain Artimis Brown tries to find a pilot Ruth having had to take a leave of absence for the family reasons the ‘lads’ – George, Thelonious & Alien Al go out on the town in the serbo Croat social democratic republic of Princip. However a few drinks into their revels and calamity occurs – […]

Episode IV: Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

The Mutoids a ‘jasmine Bhangra’ band have hired the Scattergun Approach to go and recover their lead guitarist Michela who has ran off to join a cult – the Arkvists. They have a tour coming up and the band’s contract is void without her. The Arkvists worship the supreme predator and their Temple (or Ark) […]

Episode V: Burning Bridges

Faced with the chaos aboard the Ark the away party of ‘Al’ (Alien diplomat/cultural researcher), Thelonious Tinkersmith (Engineer) and George Brown (Hacker) manage to form an uneasy alliance with the Catholic Communard Marines and George gains access to the strange ambient energy coursingthrough the Ark’s superstructure. Narrowly avoiding being fried like the Marine hacker he […]

Episode III: Aerospace Inferno 

Summary for Summary for missing player benefit. Talk w Ragnar disrupted because greys wanted deal brought forward as greys thought there was another buyer (due to alien Al’s rumour mongering)  Thelonius tried to hardware hack the systems for where the meeting happened – didn’t work but George did a software hack and got full access  […]

Episode II: childhood’s end 

Characters arrived at Port Raja and after a frosty pep talk by station security they began to explore. Both the Sher  Khan and the Grey saucer ship where at the station so time was of the essence. A plan to try and get the Pirates on the Scattergun. Approach  and hit them with a freeze device […]