Prodigal Empires

Episode II: childhood’s end 

Characters arrived at Port Raja and after a frosty pep talk by station security they began to explore. Both the Sher  Khan and the Grey saucer ship where at the station so time was of the essence. A plan to try and get the Pirates on the Scattergun. Approach  and hit them with a freeze device […]

Episode 1: when the Tigers broke free

These are very truncated notes as I am writing them a month after the event. The Mv Scattergun Approach is delivering frozen Silurian Slime Weasels/Worms to the Colony of Sandinista on the Planet of El Dorado  to their Contact, Colony Mayor and alien traditional medicine ingredient dealer Therese Sebastian. When some of the chri units […]

Prodigal Empires Roleplaying : The crew and ship the MV Scattergun Approach 

Prodigal Empires Roleplaying : The crew and ship the MV Scattergun Approach 

Recently started a Skype RPG game set in the Prodigal Empires background I’ve used for war games for a number of years.  Crew  Amy-Jayne is playing Artemis Brown and she inherited the ‘scattergun approach’ she is owner of the ship and de facto ship’s master/Captain.  Alastair is going to play Ruth Blackett, Royal Westmoreland Navy […]

Navy Patrols in the Crazy Diamond 

This is a quick run down of the patrols the Navies of the major powers send into the Diamond sector to protect their interests, discourage piracy and fly the flag in unclaimed space.   A quick word on ship sizes  Broadly speaking naval vessels are rated as follows smallest to largest: Fighter Shuttle/Dropship Patrol ship (no […]

Prodigal Empires : Character creation 

As part of the proposed prodigal empires RPG campaign I’m intending to have a scene setting  ‘Session zero.’ The intention of this is to let the players set the scene and determine how the party fits together. Then we’re all kind of on the same page for the purposes of the campaign. I would also […]

Daccian Science Marines: Intelligence Branch Threat Assessment: The Pride (File XD-387-789A) 

SUMMARY  The Pride are a self styled space pirate fraternity based on a feline motif.  As well as an active pirate ship fleet it has a social component of spies, agents and fellow travellers to support its activities. The higher elechons and select agents have access to so called ‘Outpost 31’ cybernetic enhancement and conscious […]

Prodigal empires: Mercenary Gazette: Independent Pandur Air Assault Company Von Trenck

The Ustache refusenik settled colony of Trujman eventually came to an end after a bitter war with their Tibetan neighbours of the Republic of Leng. Leng’s victory was magnanimous and the resulting Union of Janus IV (named after the planet settled,) absorbed units from both sides into its defence forces after excluding those stained by […]

Republic of Libereco

The terribly nice liberal, ethnically diverse and middle class colonists of Libereco arrived on Mandela III with their ideals of a kibbutz style republic speaking Esperanto and full of good intentions. Unfortunately a few years later the fascist Russo-Balkan colonists of Pan-Slavia arrived and using brute force and ignorance treated the Liberecoians to a brutal […]

The Joy of Bases

Listening to Douglas and Dragons I found it intriguing listening to a group discussing how to covert a conquered drugs warehouse into a base with conversations about decor, layout and who was taking which room. This got me thinking. Most of my recent games have featured ‘carousel’ parties where different characters drop in and out. […]

Nueva Esperanza: Year 2 Turn 2 Phase 2 : The Liberation of San Maria

A mighty Maoist combined arms force of 2 tank battalions, a Red Guard APC infantry battalion & supporting AA platoon invaded the forest Kingdom of San Maria. Facing them were the San Maria Defence Force – 4 meagre companies of truckborne infantry – the Cardinals Guard, Royal Rifles, Foreign Legion and Crown Prince’s Own. Initially […]