Revolutionary Biscuits of Italy

Daccian Science Marines: Intelligence Branch Threat Assessment: The Pride (File XD-387-789A) 

SUMMARY  The Pride are a self styled space pirate fraternity based on a feline motif.  As well as an active pirate ship fleet it has a social component of spies, agents and fellow travellers to support its activities. The higher elechons and select agents have access to so called ‘Outpost 31’ cybernetic enhancement and conscious […]

New Toys

My podcasting partner who paints toy soldiers has given me some he is not going to use. Well Toy soldiers and space ships actually. The soliders are Ground Zero games Neu Swabian League in PROPER 25mm and very nice they are too. They might geta  spin in any small unit actions coming out of Neuva […]

Garabaldi and Bourboni states and militaries

Bizarrely though we’ve been wargaming them for several months I hadn’t given any though as to the 2 Italian Prodigal Empires militaries. So here are some thoughts. THE BOURBONI KINGDOM The Kingdom is a absolute monarchy though the king relies on ministers to run his government. Colonies are run by nobles in a feudal system […]

Garabaldian Defence paper leak!

This is the concluding paragraph of  the Garabaldian Republican Navy’s Staff Ppaer entitled ‘Strategic Options: Defending Garabaldi Space after Bourboni Victory.’   To conclude and summarise whatever the strategic and tactical errors made by the Naval Staff and Commanders at Space in the course of the Conflict Bourboni victory much be put down to the […]

RBI: The Battle of Tagliatelle

The Aquilla jumped into system accompanied by Littorio and other escorts. “Admiral Cappacino- there are multiple contacts approaching at high velocity!” “Thank you Captain, Yeoman – tannoy me to the Fleet.” “Aye Aye Admiral, patched through.” ” Gentlemen and ladies of the Fleet. In the Service of His Majesty we have sufferred the aggression of […]

RBI – Lessons Learnt

Well any one reading back over RBI reports will have noticed something …Alberto de Giussano has been in a fight it shouldn’t have been (I got it mixed up with the Zara. I also managed to juxaposed 2 fleets (fortunately with very similar composition!) Thanks for the strategic players (Mat & Mat for being so patient […]

RBI:Battle of Pennee

BATTLE OF PENNEE Admiral Cappacino sat stoically on his command centre as the raw power of the F430 Task Force of the Royal Bourboni Navy jumped into the Pennee System. Immediately the control stations of his crew began to illuminate with all sorts of alarms. “Report!” “My Admiral” It was Captain Corelone who commanded the […]

RBI: Battle of Fusilli

After the defensive victory at the Battle of Marinara the reduced Bourboni Royal Navy F430 Task Force under Admiral Cappacino went on the offenvise attacking the Garabaldi Republic Home system of Fusilli.  TASK FORCE F430 Admiral Cappacino Carrier Aquillia (6 squadrons Carvour fighters)  2 Battleships Vittorio Veneto & Littorio 2 Heavy Cruisers Tarantino & Tricoloure 1 […]

RBI: Battle of Marinara!

Flushed with their Vicotry at Gnocci the Garabalid Navy sent the 3rd Fleet to attack Marinara where the Tricoloure sole survivoir for the Bourboni Navy had joined Task Force F430. The Bourboni Force was operating in far orbit and the Garabaldians jumped inside their gravity well. The result was the 3rd Fleet had to fight […]

RBI 1 – Spaceships go BOOM!

(RBI stands for Revolutionary Bsicuits of Italy) In the early stages of the Bourboni- Garabaldi War  the Royal Bourboni Navy stole into unoccupied territory in a series of bald moves. The Garabaldi Republican Navy on the other hand made a feint into Marinara with the 1st Task Force and then moved the unit to Gnocci where it […]