Wot i read on my holidays – and how to use them in games

Wot i read on my holidays – and how to use them in games

The Vanishing Tower – Michael Moorcook I finished this on the plane – I’d started reading it to my 9 year old son (bowdlerised) but he lost interest halfway through. Following my recent discussion of Moorcockian gaming on Breakfast in the Ruins podcast i was struck by the sheer weight of invention. Together with the […]

Reading List: The Grin of the Dark by Ramsey Campbell

Originally as part of my reading list I was intending to Cold Print by Ramsay Campbell to feature on this list. Cold Print being one of the Wallasey horror supremo’s Lovecraftian influenced short story collections. However I saw this text at my local library – saw it combined his love of cinema with horror like the […]

40th Reading List: Tounges of Serpents

My 40th year reading list has picked up the pace with a return to the world of Temeraire (were the Napoleonic War is being raged with dragons.) I’m a big fan of this series having read the first book for Dissecting Worlds (which you can listen to here .) The fantasy elements are effective but blended […]

Skirting the boundary: Isabelle Duncan A History of Women’s cricket

Ok I finally finished it. It’s taken an age but I’ve done. There has been a variety of factors – teething, having to read another book for the pod & Christmas but its done now. As a social history of women’s cricket this is pretty good – the international stuff in particular. The bit that […]

Adrian Tchaikovsky The Air War (Shadows of the Apt)

I never thought I’d be 8 books into a 10 book fantasy series. But then I never anticipated a fantasy series starting as an espionage novel developing through stories of war & personal transformation and mutating in this volume to a harrowing portrayal of total war. The Wasps are on the march again & they […]

Reading list: The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie

Well the 5th Abercrombie book in the first law universe is now done & dusted. An account of a battle between the North & the Union littered with Abercrombie’s ‘Grimdark’ morally flawed almost heroes & villains. Bloody & brooding in equal measure the sundry sarcasms of the cast give it a lighter tone than you’d […]

Reading List: Victory of Eagles by Naomi Novik

First up on my reading list was Naomi Novik’s 5th novel in the Tremeraire series. These are a great series of books in a world where the Napoleonic wars are raging but Dragons have been used in warfare since Roman times. I’ll keep this as spoiler free as possible. Prior events in the series have […]

40th Year Reading Challenge

I’m 40 in about 2 weeks and I’ve noticed I’m behind ina few series and keep seeing books I fancy sooo….I’m going to set myself a reading Challenge for my 40th Year, 14 books. As I have already started on the first one it should be doable. More importantly I’ll have caught up on some […]