VBCW 1938 Peace Conference Game

I have run three sets of convention games set in the VBCW 1938 wargaming alternate history. The Liverbird has Landed rescuing secret agent George Formby from imprisonment in Peckfortom Castle. Ran in 2017. Cross of Irn Bru. my 2019 con game where pilots protected the Isle of Msn from RAF attack to keep supply lines […]

OSR v Storygames -hands across the barricades

OSR v Storygames -hands across the barricades

Inspired by a very good scene in a very good episode of Derry Girls – I asked: what are some of the things OSRists & storygamers have in common ? and what are some of the differences ? Here are some of the answers i got Brian Ashford said (check out his blog) OSR: Prep […]

UNIT Campaign – Location Pool – The Half Way House

My former podcasting compatriot Matt Farr @ has added this location to the UNIT campaign. “Actually, The Manor wasn’t as terrifying or as weird as I had been forewarned. You see things more likely to devour you alive at the average Party Conference” Rt Hon Jim Hacker, Classified Memoirs. Whilst UNIT specialises in Extra-Terrestrial threats, […]

UNIT Campaign – NPC Pool – Johnny ‘Red’ Redburn

UNIT Campaign – NPC Pool – Johnny ‘Red’ Redburn

Johnny Redburn was a cadet unjustly discharged from the RAF during World War II for striking a training instructor. As a merchant seamen aged 19 stole a Hurricane from a arctic convoy in the heat of battle and piloted it into Russia where he ended up serving with the disenfranchised pilots of Falcon Squadron, equally […]

White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 5: The secret diary of Captain Duggie McTavish (Age 63 ¾)

The secret diary of Captain Duggie McTavish (Age 63 ¾) Returning to his grand high muck muck Commandante Doctor Velazquez and his Gestapo coat (what is he a doctor of anyway?), Liesel and myself brought back the lassy magician Francesca and that mountain she drags around with her. Arno? Arnie? Anyway, that’s not important, he […]

The Crew of the Red Cavity Cabbage

As a little interlude on Thursdays before the next Tenerife campaigns i’m running a space trucker game using a hsck of black hack and using the floor plans of a traveller far trader. in a session zero we determined the player characters are: R2DAN2 Robot Captain Tex Plosion – 1980s stuntman trapped in time & […]

White Houndst Holocaust Campaign 4 Party: High Llama clan of Mount Teide

White Houndst Holocaust Campaign 4 Party: High Llama clan of Mount Teide

For the 4th post apocalyptic tenerife game we did our session zero via a private twitter chat. The home hex selected is on the northern slopes of Mount Teide and a small herding community of 38 souls. The players decided they’d herd Llamas and talking it through decided the herd had grazed their pine forest […]

Campaign 2 Session 3 White Hounds Holocaust Dante covets a motorhome: Part 1

Cath has again written up last thursdays session of White hounds holocaust the tenerife set post apocalyptic game with our eastern coast party (campaign 2.) As we make our way up the road to the rendez-vous with The Disco Kid we meet a woman in a poncho. She is armed, may be dangerous, and sounds […]

Heads Up: Lords of Creation

in the middle of my ambitious post apocalyptic tenerife project ive started to sketch my next overly ambitious project Inspired in part by listening to the Appendix N podcast , Fictoplasm and Breakfast in the Ruins podcasts discussing Roger Zelazny’s amber i’ve been thinking about Lords of Creation. This 1983 published game features players characters […]

White Hounds Holocaust campaign 1 Session 2 Mission of Mercy (Ray supplemental )

(No White hounds holocaust session this week as it was virtual grogmeet but player Andy @fechtbuch on twitter has added his character Ray’s memories of last weeks session to Sister Maria’s. ) ““You didn’t think!”That’s what Albert the grey beard said to me afterwards. “You didn’t think” I’ve told you a million times to use […]