Dragons Den \ Shark Tank Dungeons

Talking in Dave Griffith’s Mork Borg game i play this Thursday I had an idea. Apologies if this treads on any territory covered in King of Dungeons which i haven’t read, The concept is an annual tournament where adventuring parties with super ambitious raids on complicated dungeons which will require many hirelings and special resources […]

The Sunfire’s Heart White Dwarf 56 & 57 (spoilers)

It took nine weeks of 2 hour sessions but my Monday black hack party finally completed the Sunfire’s heart. While fun was had through roleplaying some frustration was expressed at the scenario so I thought I’d collate my players views on Facebook here. The Sunfires Heart is a AD&D scenario across 2 issues of White […]

Black hack : the hermitage

The Black & blue (my work black hack group cleared out the Hermitage from WD65’s the Philosopher’s stone last night, As well as having a full dungeon of alchemical ingredients fir the wizard Alber to play with At the urging of their replacement thief Talon (Creed’s having been dragged to hell by the assassination demon […]

Black hack parties

I’ve had lots of fun running black hack on roll 20 during lock down with my Monday group and a work group on Thursday using old white dwarf and adventurer tools – not doing full write ups as home schooling is taking a lot of bandwidth but here’s a few pics including sketches of the […]

Blackhack Moor

The initial funnel for a casual black hack game based on my earlier idea. Each player will roll up 4 level zero apprentices who have appeared on Blackhack Moor to try their luck adventuring. A standard blackhack roll for statistics and 1d3 hit points. Roll for apprenticeship on the following table: Ostler Reeve Sail maker […]

Aftermath Tenerife campaign skins

I’m still working on GURPs aftermath Tenerife considering the following modes for a campaign Away Team There is a scientific community in the middle of the island. This would be after years of isolation defending themselves from brutal neighbours send out ‘Away Teams’ in coloured t-shirts to recovered lost tech, medicines and diplomatically form a […]

Pink Gins & Googlies 8:1 Sydney Smash n Grab

Following the drama on the Perth stretch of the Cranford ladies old girls XI tour of the Empire and North America … ooh As Hettie, Gwen and the delightful Contessa Lemichello (Matt’s new character) wait to withdraw money a speeding tram derails and smashes into the Australian Federal Bank. The chaos is followed by domino […]

Am I becoming a one trick pony ?

I had a moment of revelation running the most recent episode of #lunchtimelairs – I have run a lot of PCs under siege games in the style of the burning of Nijal or Assault on precinct 13. Defence of the Aden cop shop Defence of the communist bungalow Flashing blades defence of the bubbling cauldron […]

Rogue Trooper: Operation Blue Moon Play Report

I hosted a little Mersey Games Knights games day in Hus and ran a Rogue Trooper inspired game using Cthulhu Hack . This is a spoiler free play report. Using a tube like map I allowed by cut off Squad to retreat location by location. Each location had an index card with a comics panel […]

Flashing Blades: the man behind the mask (part deux) 

Antonine, Joesph and Chevalier Remi travel from Valence to Marseilles meeting their house mate Jean de Griz who is in the town on banking business.  Opening the Archduke’s letter they find they are to go to a rough part of town to a Tavern Trencavel and meet the ‘King of Thieves’ and a gold goon embossed […]