Criminals & Crimefighters 4# Finding (David) Nemo

The Multiversal Comics Company Presents The Silver Age Supers in: Criminals and Crimefighters issue 4 Finding (David) Nemo! By ‘Kehaar! Write up by Pete ‘the Hammer’ Hammerson The Roll Call! Blue Beetle! Technological business leader by day, high-flying vigilante by night! Alice! The six year old protector of Wonderland and wielder of the Vorpal Blade […]

Criminal and Crimefighters 3# The Third Degree

After the defence of the Pacific Princess Beetle and Alice interrogate the captured Supervillans in the Ship’s brig with the help of some UNIT interrogators. INTERROGATON OF BATROC UNIT INTERROGATOR BEECHAM: Do you have a little comb for your moustache? BEETLE: Batroc. I’m going to level with you. My phone autocorrects your name to ‘bathroom’ […]

Agents of TARGET Issue #3: House on Horror Hill! 

Awakening as prisoners after being waylaid by a mysterious woman looking a lot like a TARGET agent, Alice, Blue Beetle and Quik’n’Twist turn the table on their jailers and attempt to break the eldritch traps they find themselves surrounded with. Almost losing Beetle to an enchanted painting, and pausing only to avoid some nasty puns, […]


Electrical shenanigans disrupt the wedding of Prince Brion and Carmilla Von Doom sending the liner towards a black cloud of death. While Blue Beetle and Quick’n’Twist mix it up with Olli Octolini the electrical Italian octopus the incredible mole woman regains control of the Bridge. Alice is confronted by the fiendish Batroc after the diamond […]

Agents of TARGET Issue 2: Train-ride to Terror Junction!

After being brought in to help guard a covert prisoner transfer for TARGET, our heroes are attacked by a Cowboy and his Native American tracker companion who board the racing train with a view to setting lose the prisoner within. After cutting lose the main TARGET security force, only the team are left to save […]

Multiversal Comics Company: Crimefighters and Criminals, Issue 1: Triple-Word Dinoscore!

I had the honour of running the second session of our shared universe superhero game – player Matt wrote up the session is a stupendously Stan Lee way… A celebrity Scrabble Contest is interrupted by a dastardly criminal and his reptilian (note for you kids out there: not actually reptiles!) horde of dinosaurs! New faces […]

Multiversal Comics Company: Villan: CAPTAIN CRETACEOUS

  High Concept: Dinosaur commanding criminal with petty ambitions Trouble: Focuses on petty revenges Aspect: Southern Gentlemen (sounds like Foghorn Leghorn.) Aspect:   Tinkering gadgeteer Aspect:   Accomplished cat-burglar Approaches: Good (+3) Flashy Fair (+2) Quick, Sneaky Average (+1) Clever , Forceful Mediocre (+0) Careful Stunts: Staff of Yig – magic item – with twin serpent heads […]