The Joy of Bases

Listening to Douglas and Dragons I found it intriguing listening to a group discussing how to covert a conquered drugs warehouse into a base with conversations about decor, layout and who was taking which room. This got me thinking. Most of my recent games have featured ‘carousel’ parties where different characters drop in and out. […]

Liberty – American Superheroine

Came across these pictures of Raquel Welch and thought there is definitely a 1960s Superheroine in there. Details are sketchy but I’m thinking superpowered as a consequence of a government research programme (standard flight, strength and limited invulnerability.) With  a broad smile and a patriotic postage stamp as a costume Liberty originally used as a cheesecake […]

633 Squadron the UNIT years

In addition to the ground based UNIT forces which are mainly recruited from the British Army there is a special operations squadron of the RAF, 633 Squadron. Based on a Squadron used in particular complicated and difficult operations in World War Two: . It was reinforced by staff from the Danny Boy flight that […]

Kommander Kehaar – Terror of the High Skies

A dashing piece of four colour villany the mysterious Kommander Kehaar uses his stealth submersable airship the Sheiße Hawk and it’s ruthless crew to carry out audacious hijacks, piracy and acts of terror for profit in the waters and skies around Britian. That said despite his villany the Kommander has an arachaic sense of honour […]

Reidston – Talon (MSH)

Fighting                                  Amazing Agility                                     Incredible Strength                                 Remarkable Endurance                             Unearthly Reason                                    Amazing Intuition                                 Remarkable Psyche                                    Amazing Health                                     220  (0 health is dormant mode) Karma                                    130   Talon is a result of a Ministry of Defence experiment to retro-engineer alien technology. The work was done on spacecraft retrieved from the St […]

Reidston – Sir Ted Roughdiamond (MSH)

Sir Ted is a well known bon vivant millionaire running a vast number of businesses in the UK particularly in the Reidston area where he has his country pile and owns local newspapers, the football club, sits of the board of the county cricket club and is a major employer. Sir Ted is well known […]

Reidston – A Home fit for Heroes the Villan list (MSH)

Here’s a list of villan ideas for this background I’m going to treat this as an art project and do villans individual entries as I go along – obviously some are influenced by already existing suppers and villans in commerical published worlds but hopefully I can put my spin on then.  Bast                                                                 The Professionals (The […]

Reidston: A Home fit for heroes – The Reidston Rangers (My 4 colour supers background) MSH RPG

Here are some ideas I had from Reidston local super team expressed in the marvel system – if anyone wants to have a go at drawing these….I’d be very grateful. THE ALL ROUNDER Fighting REMARKABLE      AgilityREMARKABLE      strength      REMARKABLE Endurance REMARKABLE  ReasonGOOD        intuition      REMARKABLE psyche   GOOD Health120  Karma50  EQUIPMENT  Adamantium Bat has a bat that […]


(UK Supers RPG background I worked on.)   The Arms of Reidston     Granted shortly after the granting of the Newtown’s charter in 1946 the arms show on a field quartered by the Cross of St George (for England) the Ship emblem of Hertbourogh , the Spider crest of  the Shankley family, the Lords […]