UNIT Campaign: Operation BETTER DAYS : Session 1

Stubber has written up the first session of Matt’s Operation Better Day as his character Sergi. Sergeis diaryMeet new colleagues at RAF Dishforth. Arrive and end up meeting new colleagues. Introductions all round, whilst waiting for “Pharos”. Denis is new colleague, is very impressed with own land rover! Has Adidas sports bag full of electronics. […]

UNIT Obituaries: Operation Billy

From the Grimley Herald Beloved son Lieutenant Reverend Alexander “Bish” Marsh (42) 1940-1982 It is with Great Regret that Mr & Mrs Albert Marsh announce the death of their son Alexander Marsh. Alexander passed without pain in a road traffic accident on a training exercise with the Royal Navy Reserves. Alex always had a love […]

UNIT Campaign: Mission Briefing – Operation BETTER DAYS

While we await the final session write up of Operation Billy – here is the mission bridging for our next adventure to be run by Matt Farr. Situation:. Radio Monitoring systems at RAF Fylingdales have been experiencing unusual interference over the last several weeks. Initial investigations by Counter-Intelligence Services have ruled out hostile action in […]

UNIT Campaign: New Monday character – Dennis Watson

[after an unfortunate incident with an elephant seal and an SMG, I needed a new character and with unimpressive stats I went to an NPC from my last scenario. Here the Brigadier makes his newest recruitment decision] Ah, yes, young Mr Watson. He’s seen a bit too much, joined too many dots. We’ll have to […]

UNIT Campaign : Operation BILLY : Session 2

UNIT Campaign : Operation BILLY : Session 2

Matt Farr has written this session of Operation BILLY as his character Harriet’s journal, Well its another fine mess up in the Frozen North. We’ve been sent up to Irmvankia, which to be honest I’ve never heard of before today, to investigate some sort of “death ray” or “heat ray” or somesuch. We’d only just […]

UNIT Campaign: Operation BILLY – Session 1

Andy Horton supplied Chiefy’s write-up of first session of Five Go Mad in Irmvankia – the first part of Operation BILLY Well, this has been quite a nice trip so far. Flew across in an old FW Kondor (I got to have a nosy round the cockpit). Excellent whale scratchings and other snacks. Duty free […]

UNIT Campaign: Operation Peacemaker – Session 3

Hatty’s diary Operation Peacemaker Following our youth club activities and the interrogation of the Spiv it seemed we had a more concreate lead. The “Weapon” was passed to another youth, but where to find him? The description was sound, a leather jacket with a patch, looked to be some sort of motorcycle gang, red and […]

UNIT Campaign: Operation PEACEMAKER Session 2

From the notebook of Dr Marsden (as written by Stephen Parkinson) following on from last weeks session Now of course, Claire had a cushy time of it all. Not only did she take her sweet time to turn up with the rest of us, it turns out that she’d convinced the weapons officer to give […]

UNIT Campaign: Operation PEACEMAKER: Session one

Matt Farr narrates the first part of Andy Horton’s #unitcampaign scenario Operation PEACEMAKER as Hampton his mercenary character. Hamptons latest letter to his sister: Hello, its me again! This may come as a shock but I’m not (yet!) in the hospital, but rather some squalid B&B somewhere in the Black Country. What brings to this […]

UNIT Canpaign: Misson Briefing : Operation PEACEMAKER

Andy Horton is next in the GM’s chair for the UNIT campaign Situation: an alien creature has fallen to Earth. Its retrieval and investigation are outwith the remit of this team. However, intelligence sources indicates high likelihood that this creature’s personal energy weapon had been taken from the scene before the authorities arrived. Mission: investigate, […]