UNIT Campaign – pre credits sequence Operation Olaf

A london train pulls in Chester station to the strains of ‘carter gets a train.’ On board are 4 men and 1 women committed to defending the UK and the Earth from the extra-terrestrial and the unexplained. Members of UNIT. On board Hyacinth “Hatty” Richardson former GCHQ and SOE finishes the times cryptic crossword in […]

UNIT Campaign – Operation Coppelia – Session 3

Matt Farr has written this scenario as the journal of his character Harriet Mission Journal: Day 3 Gosh I seem to have overslept so apologies, dear journal, if this is late. i’m sure you will forgive me. Where we left off my fellow teammates and I were at the viewing for the Doll Auction. Mysterious […]

UNIT Campaign – Mission Briefing Operation Olaf

Situation There have been three grisly deaths on the Wirral at a Tactical Jockstrap concert following a University of Strathclyde Archeology department dig in and around local landmark ‘Thor’s Rock’ on Thurstaston Common. Two similar deaths occurred in 1941 amongst ATS service women attached to the 137th Mixed Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery who […]

UNIT Campaign – Operation Coppelia – Session 2

Stubber has kindly written up last mondays session of Andy Horton’s creepy doll scenario as his character Sergi. We checked out the woman claiming to be called Larissa (clearly fake name – is taken from famous Russian story Dr Zhivago) – UNIT contacted the Louvre & found no evidence of her working there, nor of […]

UNIT Campaign – Operation Coppella – Session One

Alistair has written up the first session of Andy Horton’s UNIT game as his character Hatty’s diary .Well I had no idea as to the incredible value of these Antique dolls (I must have a look in the attic when I get home), but I get ahead of myself.Joining a new group of agents Claire […]

UNIT Campaign – Operation Badlands – Session 4 Finale

After-action report: Flt Sgt McCoy [My write-up of last night’s game by Andy Horton as his character Chiefy’s perspective] SO after the B&E the previous night, we had an idea of what was happening, but not really why. I’m sure none of us understood the science behind it all, or why the weirdness was happening. […]

UNIT Campaign – Operation Badlands – Session 3

Ali has written up the session as his character Hetty. Following on from parts one and two of Operation Badlands. As the computer screens glowed with these strange glyphs the message was clear “Help US” but who or what were we supposed to help? The Radio crackled to life. It was Ralph. Thankfully his trip […]

UNIT Campaign – Operation Badlands Report 2

I missed this session written of operation badlands up by stubber in the character of Dr Marsden. From Dr Marsdens notebook.Ralf investigating the pubs around the site, not demolished. Going to be some time, will catch up with us. My investigation about the samples – definitely not industrial byproducts, are rare- earth materials. Not from […]

UNIT Campaign – Operation Badlands session 1

Notes of Ralph DeWitt, Press Officer Department of Administrative Affairs, on secondment to United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UK section.) Our investigation team is sent to Cleveland (north east England not the United States) to investigate strange animal behaviour The team is myself and We are based at the Eagkescliffe Royal Navy supply deport. We get […]

UNIT Campaign – Operation Carrion – Finale Session

Matt Farr has written up the finale session of Operation Carrion as a letter from his character Hampton to his sister Harriet. Harriet, Well, its hello from a hospital bed for me again! nothing to worry about, just smacked about by some sort of robot nurse thing. more on that later, but safe to say […]