After 6 Months play: The state of the Crazy Diamond

After 6 months (to the day) of the play the Crazy Diamond Sector has been a bit more fleshed out by the voyages of the MV Scattergun Approach and the sterling help provided in scenarios and ideas by my friend Stubber. Here then is what the Crazy Diamond sector looks like now: A lot more […]

Physical challenges 2017 

Decided to set some physical challenges for 2017 breaking my programme into 5-6 week periods with rest week. This is on top of routine jogging / weights and practicing  Mindfulness 5 days out of 7  Aiming to do the Sefton park spring 10k & wirral half marathon again. Weeks Commencing  2 January – 6 February […]

WANTED : Gunnery Mammal. 

Must be skilled at starship gunnery, small arms gunnery and miscellaneous social requirements. Willingness to sacrifice health for protection of higher species a must. (Game plays on Wednesday nights 2030-2230 using D6 Space system – email dissectingworlds@yahoo.co.uk if interested.) 

Gunner & General Spaceman Required for armed free merchant 

Gunner wanted for small transport vessel MV Scattergun Approach operating in the Crazy Diamond sector. Applicant must not be a xenophobe, due to racial diversity of established crew.  Ability to think on feet is a distinct advantage, as is previous experience of dealing with different factions and interstellar superpowers. Please send CV (and D6 Space character […]

Episode VIII:Horses

Tau Verde is a world that is undergoing terraforming as it sits at an amazingly good jump nexus point – which basically means finding a sterile ice-world, heating it up & grafting lifeforms onto it. When it is completed, its going to be a second Earth as the gravity & magnetic field is perfect– though that’s […]

Episode VII: Biding my time (Part 2)

Debating how to infiltrate the Princip City Spaceport recover their ship the Scattergun Approach and escape the planet and it’s Blackhand masters (and the nefarious psionic grise behind them Fernando Mulch) the crew mates decide to craw up the sewer that runs beneath the southern Air Defence Tower and into the Terminal and take control […]

PBEM Pendragon – blog post pending 

Following a discussion on the latest dissecting worlds were We talk Gary Gygax v Greg Stafford with @theGROGNARDfile Dissecting Worlds Series 11, Ep 4: Gygax vs Stafford http://geeksyndicate.co.uk/podcasts/dissecting-worlds-series-11-ep-4/ I’ve come to the conclusion I want to run the Great Pendragon Campaign as a Play By EMail game (PBEM.). There’s a lot of thinking to do …