UNIT Campaign: Operation Billy Session 3

Alastair writes the last part of this Irmvankian adventure in character of the Reverend Alex Marsh RNVR Bit of a blur this. Probably on the account of me being dead an all. This is what I remember. Sid, Harriet, Chiefy and Myself had escaped the pyramid and had to consider the next move. TV station, […]

Llyn Peninsula campaign: the Rampage of Henwen ( eaten out of House of Home)

Continuing the black hack adventures. We join warriors Deania, Rehmaan and thief Cathlene after a winter of building the village of Cathlenedan – named after the vanquishers of the Withered King. Now the local cymru tribe and the Hippocrethia refugees are united but as spring arrives riders on heavy ponies arrive from the East. The […]

GM Notes Barrow of the Withered King

Some of my UNIT GM colleagues have included GM notes so i thought i’d do the same for the Barrow of Withered King. Scenario write ups This was done as part of Dungeon23. I may have fell off the wagon but i think it was a useful exercise. I wanted a scenario to tie the […]

UNIT Campaign: Operation Billy: Irmvankia Military

Up until the allied occupation in World War 2 the Isles of Irmvankiahad no armed forces and law enforcement was supplied by elected village constables. In 1946 the Parliament established a Navy with an Air Arm and Marines for the defence of the Isles. The US was pleased to supply surplus destroyers and other equipment […]

UNIT Campaign; Telly Savalas looks at Irmvankia

Cheesy Telly Savalas voiced promo (such as below) for a location of a future #Unitcampaign scenario Nestled in the arctic Ocean between Iceland and Norway is Europe’s hidden gem with a rich heritage and burgeoning oil wealth. There may not be flying fishes playing but they’re are dolphins and whales a plenty in Irmvankia , […]

Culture List 2022

Best of the YearTV The English – splendidly gothic western Books A Game of Birds and Wolves (about the Western Approaches Tactical Unit who wargamed solutions to U Boat tactics) Comics Barbarian Lord – Matt Smith – noirish nordic saga-like stripped down comic. Film Magic (1978) – superbly disturbing evil ventriloquists dummy movie. Games – […]

2022 a year in gaming

It’s been a bit of a funny old year the cobwebs and uncertainties of the post COVID world (though it’s no such thing) and a wild ride at work have meant it’s been hard to get into a rhythm. Tenerife High on wining a megalomaniac GM award at the groggies for the campaign started the […]


Matt Farr write this up after a pre-game talk about Cyperpunk’s Trauma Team in a pseudo-medieval background. It is the Year of Our Lord 1445, and a turbulent time in the Great City; MERCHANT GUILDS are a-war, the goodly authorities suborned to their will, and poor left without succor or aid. On the STREETS, dissolute […]

UNIT Campaign – Mission Briefing Operation Coppelia

Andy Horton starts running this UNIT canpaign next week for the Monday group SituationA series of explosions have occurred at different locations in England.* A toy factory blew up and burned down outside Leicester.* A warehouse containing toys to be shipped to department stores was destroyed by what were confirmed to be demolition charges.* Himley’s […]

Thoughts on running Hostile RPG

Thoughts on running Hostile RPG

I am much taken with the game hostile which is set in a retro-future similar to that shown in Outland, Alien and Bladerunner. It uses or is designed to be compatible with the class 2d6 1970s science fiction rules. So i’ve been thinking how I would run it both in a practical sense and in […]