D&D 5th Ed – Icewind Dale – Chapter 2 Session 1

I’ve joined a 5th ed game with my Thursday group this is the write up of our last session by Dan Stavekey in verse Chapter 2 – Session One It could have been day, or perhaps it was night;As Danrond awoke to nothing but white.The sharp of the frost was beginning to bite, but two […]

UNIT Campaign – Monday night party

My regular Monday night party have rolled up 2 characters each (including me.) Dr Harriet Fenchurch (46) is a consultant xenobiologist working for the UNIT Science Division. (Matt) After studying Biology and Astronomy at University, she published a number of papers related to hypothetical alien life, which garnered much interest in the Alien-adjacent underworld and […]

UNIT Campaign – NPC Pool – Bobby ‘Taco Tornado’ Garcia

Bobby Garcia is an up and coming professional snooker player from darlington. He’s half Mexican and his old man was a Luchidor and Bobby did flirt with a life in the ring before deciding on snooker. ‘The Taco Tornado’ nickname stuck with him. It also inspired a Tactical Jockstrap EP Bobby is friendly, generous and […]

U.N.I.T Campaign – what is U.N.I.T. ?

We deal with the odd, the unexplained. Anything on Earth…or even beyond…” Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart   United Nations Security Council resolution 242 established UNIT in December 1971. The status of UNIT varies from country to country –  the US has never set up UNIT believing it’s various US Air Force, Army and Navy projects and the […]

Eagle over the Mersey: American Civil War Union spies in 1860s Liverpool campaign

I have long been intrigued by using the espionage exploits of Thomas Haines Dudley, United States Consul. and his spy, Matthew Maguire who busted and monitored Confederate arms buying efforts in the UK from their base in Liverpool. Players could be from a variety of backgrounds. It would be important to have a variety of […]

White Hounds Holocaust: Las Palmas Military

(A bit of background for ERCE done late at night.) (This is information from fragments found in buried in Lanzarotte – it’s dated June 2051 and is in a folder entitled Lanzarotte European Space Agency – Project Daedalus Intelligence Report LP20510611M.) Las Palmas Military population: circ 10000 (inc refugees )  Active Military Navy – 5 […]

ideas for a judge dredd busters game session zero ideas

one project for next year after tenerife is a game based on the comic property judge dress i’m capturing some system & session zero notes. Character creation While there are MANY judge dredd rpgs out thereI propose to hack gangbusters as follows. core stats (muscle, agility, observation) are rolled as 50 + 1d50 + mod […]

Culture List 2021

Gaming I played mork borg, 1940s evacuee bubblegumshoe and ran gangbusters. i also attended and ran a hammer horror game at Grogmeat 2021. Unfortunately time restraints meant i had to drop out of Spectaculars. Most of the year was dominated by the groggie award winning White hounds holocaust Tenerife series of campaigns. TV cobra Kai […]

White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 6: Las Chumberas Mariners

For this party the characters are from the district of Las Chumberas in urban centre of San Cristobal de la Laguna on the very north eastern tip of Tenerife. A community of 50 odd souls with only 3 with memories from befall the fall it has a lack of understanding of pre-fall society and technical […]

[Guest post] Cosmic capers

We’ve been playing the Sentinels superhero RPG, in a Silver/Bronze Age setting. Argent Comics, we have decided, was a pioneering but unsuccessful business whose properties were later bought up by DC and whose early comics are admired by comic book historians for their progressiveness and storytelling – and for the strain on their overworked and […]