Flashing Blades: An Ambassadors Tale a GM & player retrospective

Having ran the entirety of an Ambassadors Tales for the Cauldroneers I thought it was handy to sit back and review the campaign as a product & play experience. The first thing to say it’s been interesting running this as the grognodfiles has been doing its trilogy of episodes on espionage RPGs – Top Secret, […]

Lunchtime Lairs: Conjuror’s Club Lectures – the habits and habitat of the building troll

The Conjuror’s Club is a ramshackle club for magic users in The City* which holds lectures on the night of a new moon for its members here is a recent lecture inspired by a recent lunchtime Lairs** antagonist. An aged wizard takes the stage – ” Our thanks for our visiting speaker Brother Eldritch on […]

Lunchtime Lairs 7: Troll Tremors Massacre and Men in Black

Lunchtime Lairs is a Wednesday lunchtime Jane in Liverpool city centre at the premises of the excellent Justplay games 12-2 every week – come and join us. We are currently playing Blackhack. Following being hired by Baron Pavel the party of Farquhar the Conjuror Hector the Hoplite Blegrin the Warrior Seneca of the Streets a […]

Devacon II 7 April 2018 Con Report

I had the pleasure to be running games at Devacon II a local games convention at the Crowne Plaza, Chester organised by Stephanie McAlea of Stygian Fox publishing. In the morning Slot I ran FlashingBlades. A published scenario ‘ the Grand Theatre’ and system I know well. The scenario is a romp with rival teams […]

Flashing Blades 1624: An Ambassadors Tales – Hapsburg Hospitality (part cinq – let us prey ! )

Consulting plans of the schloss reviewing the attacks, looking at spaces the Cauldroneers determine a likely hiding space in the attic crawl spaces over an empty wing of the castle. A ploy to try and spot chemical smoke from a poison lad comes to nothing so they head onto crawl space. There they find two […]

Flashing Blades 1624: An Ambassadors Tales – Hapsburg Hospitality (part Trois)

Following the master of the exploding cake the Cauldroneers ensure the Ambassadors replacement valet is a strapping 6’4″ Bernard Potsdam – so the assassin Rolf can’t replace him. In the days negotiations the Ambassador takes a little unwell. Antoine investigates and finds the handkerchief is poisoned. The ambassador visits the toilet and on return the […]

Cheshire Pendragon 500ad: Wyatt des Routes

@baddicebad lost his son last year, a gamer and had this idea as a tribute There here is Wyatt des Routes, Cousin of Sir Renauld and Squire of newly nightly Knighted Sir Spurious Wyatt des Routes 15, is an eager young Squire who has followed the path of his cousins the Duchess of Cheshire and […]