VBCW 1938

The Parbold Railway Bridge Raid Forces

The Parbold Railway Bridge Raid To interrupt supplies to the Government forces besieging Ormskirk the Free State forces have launched a daring raid to destroy the railway and 2 road bridges at Parbold. In so doing they’ll disrupt supplies to the Government forces to the West including those involved in the Canal offensive and trying […]

Police Field Forces

These are counter-insurgency forces formed from concentrations of police formed in field forces to perform security functions in the rear of their forces. The police tend to be poorer armed than many militias featuring more shotguns and handguns. They also tend to be green (militia) quality, they may be good police but the majority will […]

VBCW Pictures from the Front

Some WW2 picutres appropriately renamed for VBCW for another wargamer’s (Rob Bresnen’s) version of the Wirral Front can be found here http://gwargamesp.18.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=4333&st=0&#entry50322 and very nice they are too.

The Liverpool Free State Army

Here is a note on Liverpool Free State Forces ORDERS OF BATTLE LFS It’s a work in progress but gives ideas on the types of forces involved. And some very quick notes of ALFI for potential roleplaying Amalgamated Liverpool Force for Intelligence

Government Raid on Halsall

Free State Forces have built an armed cache in the village of Halsall based around Cleggs Brewery (artistic licence here.) Halsall lies between Formby and Ormskirk and from this safe base LFS partisans can range in the rear of the Government offensives into the Downholland Cross-Aughton line and down the Leeds-Liverpool canal. Correspondingly the Government […]

Battle of Down Holland Cross

Foiled at their efforts in crossing the leeds Liverpool canal the Government forces decide to use it ‘as a bayonet pointed at the heart of Liverpool Rebellion’ (William Boyce BUF Commander Northern Army’s Army of Liverpool 1938.) This entailed using barges to transport, support and supply an battlegroup advancing down the Leeds-Liverpool Canal towards Liverpool. […]

Battle of Clieves Hill (Part 2)

(After rather a long time scouring our collection for enough forces – this might explain the long shots there’s rather a lot of World War 2 and 80s African troops hiding on that table…) Battle Commenced Govenrment Forces chose to ignore the subtleties of flanking and employ all their forces in a full on advance. […]