white hound holocaust

White Hounds Holocaust: Las Palmas Military

(A bit of background for ERCE done late at night.) (This is information from fragments found in buried in Lanzarotte – it’s dated June 2051 and is in a folder entitled Lanzarotte European Space Agency – Project Daedalus Intelligence Report LP20510611M.) Las Palmas Military population: circ 10000 (inc refugees )  Active Military Navy – 5 […]

White Hounds Holocaust : Campaign 6:

( Craig has written up the last session in the style of his character Harry – doctor of the Mariners.) ( check work at: * http://signal.lunarshadow.net – Current crowdfunding campaign* https://lunarshadow.itch.io/ * http://www.lunarshadow.net ) Hand written notes found attached to medical records form detailing superficial lacerations to the chest, with recommendation to keep the wound […]

White Hounds Holocaust : Campaign 6 Session 3 Thieven’ & Dealin’

(Martin Cookson has kindly written up the last session of the Mariners.) ( https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2021/12/03/white-hounds-holocaust-campaign-6-las-chumberas-mariners/) [The following notes were found floating in a plastic detergent bottle in the Mediterranean Sea, Coordinates 32.390527, -10.379447, 110km west of the coastline of what was Morocco. They are written on what looks like pages torn out of a school exercise […]

White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 5 Session 6:

Our Father Who art in Heaven Hollowed be thy name. Thank you lord for keeping the eyes of the well equipped group on the road away from our humble party. And for keeping the godless barbarians of the so called Republic of Pharos calm whilst we spoke to them. I can see lord your hand […]

White Hounds Holocaust: Campaign 5 session 5 Theological Debate

For the EREC party we had two new PCs join playing two of the accompanying nuns of Los Gigantantes – Jim writes up his first session in character as Sister Ralphela. Dear Mother Superior, I write to you, as you instructed, to update you on the searing of the heretics.  Things are going swimmingly, just as […]

White Hounds Holocaust: Campaign 5: Commander SITREP

White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 6: session 2 – Kittens & Racoons

Hastari has kindly written up Tuesday nights session for the Mariners following from their acquisition of the lecturn. Jan 11 Session The party managed to get the lectern and returned to the Roman camp. On our way in, Cesar spotted two scouts from the cannibal camp outside the Roman camp. Try to fool the cannibals […]

White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 5: The Adventures of Liesl Wolff

player doc has written up this session in the hand of his character Liesel scout of the ERCE force from Las Palmas. Dear Sofia, As you can tell from this message, we have set up the first of the communication arrays. Hah, but the Tinefenos are a strange bunch. There is much religion, but not […]

White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 6: OTAN Cannibal Holiday

The Mariners were asked to accompany their leader Christian to a party being held by Milena Rosucci, leader of the Consulate. The Romano-Pagan community blocking their traditional sea access. Harry used his epicurean skills to find a tin of caviar as a gift. Getting on their bikes they pedal down to the unfinished Hotel Anaza […]

White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 5: The secret diary of Captain Duggie McTavish (Age 63 ¾)

The secret diary of Captain Duggie McTavish (Age 63 ¾) Returning to his grand high muck muck Commandante Doctor Velazquez and his Gestapo coat (what is he a doctor of anyway?), Liesel and myself brought back the lassy magician Francesca and that mountain she drags around with her. Arno? Arnie? Anyway, that’s not important, he […]