Lunchtime Lairs: The Conjuror’s Club Gazetter

Lunchtime Lairs is regular 12-2pm Wednesday games at Justplay games Liverpool – this is an effort to record our campaign lore. Come and join us!

The Alchemistseastern adventurers who got the Dragon’s location from Scramblegranite but abandoned him. The them bewitched and milked the dragon for its magic ingredient body parts till the PCs turned up and woke up the dragon.

Alpine Pasture high hills to the north west of Thieftown, foothills to the Alps, ranchers like of Pavel Ranch take cattle up there in summer.

Alpine Forest treeline above the Alpine pasture inhabited by Wildmen and outlaws.

Andromeda the Thief a player character Matt, a clumsy thief.

Barqual Faqual’s brother who has turned from the honest path of chocolatier magic to the dark arts (son of Paqual and Maqual)

The Beak Squadpenguins Wonka, Bournville, Bud, Lou, Herne & Hunter mutated by The Brains and rescued by Farqual and Seneca. Later separated are rescued from a circus by children they somehow became freelancer vampire hunters.

The Big Bad Wolf divinity of Romula’s barbarian people.

Blegrin the Warrior a player character (Alex B) – a rash and impetuous warrior.

The Brainstentacles brains that landed from above in a capsule with the power to cloud men’s minds & mind control through ruby collars. Created the Beak squad and one their number was the leader of the Obsidians Bounty Hunters

Brainyleader of the Obsidians despite being deceased was adopted by Farqual as a pet until incinerated by the Dragon.

Building Trolls silicate life forms with artisan skills.

Destination a caravan town at the end of the coach road from thief town.

Celebration a brewery town fallen under a strange spell

Cheese a curative for charm spells

The Dragon a fell beast milked by the Alchenists it’s angry.

Elias Goldtoungeleader of the Temple of Serenity and Joy – involved in the spread of the Space seed and kidnapping of Mina.

Faqual the Sorcerer a player character ( Dave G) a chocolatier conjurer fond of pets with a complicated relationship with his brother Barqual.

Fearn the Quick a player character (James) who died in the embrace of the Space Seed beetle.

Freya a goddess worshiped by Thoth.

Froga giant demonic captive ? Of Olga

Greer a lady necromancer with plans for the brains and dragon of the Alps. Her rooms where guarded by an automaton Knight.

Griffin Force – a crack special forces unit of the UGGE

Gretches small goblin like creatures like Danzig and Potzig.

Gretel Housea quaint cottage on the moors that housed a family of cannibalistic serial killers now dead by player character.

The Guy Farm A farm subverted to evil ways run by the now dead Guy brothers. A surviving brother pirate Captain Guy plys the high seas.

Brother Eldritch leader of the Temple of Love and a frickin Vampire.

The Governor ruler of the land – it is unclear if he is elected, a functionary of a council, nobleman or higher tier of government.

Guardians of Antiquity an organisation sworn to recover and protect ancient relics, but not averse to acquiring wealth through devious means to fund it’s expeditions. Led by Jens Abrams.

Hector the Hoplite a player character (Sam) a honest hearted warrior given to falling under charm spells.

The High Mountains / The Alps highlands riddled with caves & wonders.

Igoran employee of Master. (actually a..Intelligencer of the Goblin Office of Recognisance (IGOR) secret agents of the UGGE often surgically or magically altered to look human.

Jirad the Cleric a player character (Neil) phlegmatic follower of Yerlot

Justbeam a magic sword briefly in Seneca’s employ fond of blood and souls that sounds (telepathically) like Leslie Phillips.

Lorre an unlucky carpet salesmen on route to Destination

Marcellus a player character (Alex C) an archer

Masteran alchemical necromancer given to combining monster parts in a parody of life. Employer of Igor has a manor-laboratory outside Thievestown.

Militia military of Thiefstown as distinct from the Watch. its unclear if they are just a local force or answer to the Governor or higher power.

Minaan heiress who fell in with the Temple of Joy and Serenity and then was subject to villainous attentions of her Aunt Olga.

The Mole Kinga murderous subterranean tyrant ruling tunnels between the Guy Farm and Celebration and much amused by games of riddles. Hard but fair.

Moloch a player character (Dan) a pragmatic thief given to despair by pyromaniac dramatics.

The Moors rough lowlands through which the coach road passes to Destination.

Mother Mercy a helper of Brother Eldritch. Also a creature of the night.

The Obsidiansa fraternity of bounty hunters – chapter of which was hired by Baroness Pavel to hunt down the player characters.

Olga witch and aunt of Mina who the player character betrayed.

The Pavel Ranchhome of the now treacherous Baron Pavel and given his death resulted from player mishandling of Scramblegranite the revenge focused Baroness Pavel.

Pigs Stick and Carrot tavern a ale house in Thieftown with a good view over the City.

Romula the Cleric a player character (Clarky) scarred barbarian woman given to worship of the big bad wolf.

Seneca of the Streets a player character thief (James) sarcastic and sardonic.

Statehouse location of the Governor’s castle and prison

Scramblegranitea building troll tricked and revenged upon Baron Pavel.

Shrinking Biscuit a hell of a drug

Snook an unpleasant fish best used to smuggle shrunken canoes into a mook or player characters digestive track.

The Space Seed a strange pestilence spread by a beetle in thrall to Elias Goldtounge.

Satana a holy account – PC cleric played by James.

Temple of Lovea charitable institution run by the Sisters of Mersey – a religious hospital with branches in Thieftown and Destination.

Temple of Joy and Serenity a suspicious cult (now consumed by fire)

Thieftown a prosaically named city – start of our adventures – a hive of scum & villainy

Thiefstown Coin Counters & Budget Balancers Association a fiscal fraternity with an annual dinner Satanna & Waterwind are members.

Thoth the Cleric a sling staff wielding cleric worshipping Freya.

Union of the Greater Goblin Empire (UGGE) a great Empire over the northern desert.

Varks a race of lesser dwarfs ruled by Lorkay Longtoes with a capital Varkon beneath the Alps. Bullied by the Guardians of Antiquity via their tame troll.

The Watch corrupt brutal and lazy police of Thieftown.

Waterwind a tax collector mage PC (Dan)

Wildmen primate hostile tribes of the Alpine forests.

Yerlot a god of fate – his genuflection is to tap your wrist with your opposing forefinger and tut.

Zargan unfortunate grave robber

Zinjo the Troll in thrall to the Guardians of Antiquity.

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