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MSH FASERIP the Triad – Liverpool Legion Of Legends HQ

The Triad

The Legion Of Liverpool Legends are based in the former Goverment building The Triad. 23 stories (89m) high in Bootle with commanding views over the River Mersey, Liverpool and surrounding areas it is an excellent headquarters.

When the building was vacated ‘Mr Williamson’ the team’s mysterious benefactor purchasers it and completed refitted it – it now contains

  • Quarters for current and new team members
  • A crime lab
  • A danger room and fully equipped gym
  • Equipment & spares for the triadcopter & triadplane
  • Holding Cells
  • Leisure lounge with bar, table football, pool table, chess set etc
  • Meeting & press briefing rooms
  • Quarters for Victoria Monument the team’s housekeeper
  • Quarters for the teams mechanic and IT support Ann Field

  • A sick bay for use by the team medic Doc Road who works at a local GPS surgery.

Mr Williamson

The Legion’s mysterious benefactor who recruited & founded the team takes his name from the King of Edge Hill sponsor of the city’s mysterious Williamson Tunnels built in the 19th century. The patron gives the team hints & tips via the triadphobe. He paid for the triad, all the equipment, vehicles and staff.

The Triadcopter

Usually piloted by Boreas this is an X-wing configuration helicopter able to convert to a fixed wing aircraft for long distance high speed travel by the helicopter blades locking to provide extra fixed wings. It provides swift travel across the city region from its helipad on the roof of the Triad as well as a platform for Danger Dan’s gliding.

It has subsequently been painted Liverpool bin purple.

Control: remarkable

Speed : amazing

Body : good

Armour: good


For rescue missions Boreas can pilot the Triadplane which has expanded cargo and passenger capacity but isn’t as swift as the Triadcopter.

It has subsequently been painted Liverpool bin purple.

Control: remarkable

Speed: remarkable

Body: excellent

Armour: excellent

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Pink Gins & Googlies 6:2 out of the frying pan

As the girls are besieged by the angry family of Yowies after the previous adventures Hettie fends then off with a revolver while Edith and Meg’s search the shack. Poor Mavis bumps her head on some debris and is knocked out (Neil couldn’t make it.)

Edith finds some oil and bottles and fashions Molotov cocktails. Meg find under a bed on coasters a trap door. Going down they find a charnel house of yowie skins – and indeed human skins – looking like aboriginal children and white runaways. The hunters who own the shack are more terrible creatures than the wild animals outside.

They also find some chemicals. Using Meg’s scholar ability they fashion them into a crude ticket attached to the bed and WHOOSH!

They shoot off smashing out the shack and narrowly avoiding losing a passenger twisting their body weight like a sledge drive down the road towards Perth.

As the rocket bed runs out of juice they run into a truck with four gun toting hunters – two in the cabin and two on the flatbed.

Establishing these are clearly the hunters Hettie shoots out the headlights and Edith throws a Molotov’s one to cover the girls as they flank into the bus and another on the flatbed. Then Meg’s sneaks into the empty cabin and reserves swiping the brutes with her the open doors.

Hettie finishes one with her revolver and Edith gives a Yowie cry- the stunned hunter is dragged into the bush as the girls speed to Perth on the flaming truck.


Back in Perth having sorted things out with authorities the girls take a walk around the harbour. They spot a fenced off shipyard – Alpaca Lords. Asking around they find it builds luxury yachts for rich clients – though no one from the city seems to work there and the boats launch at night. Speaking to the harbour master then note the transit logs and see two of the ‘yachts’ where fir a Doctor Vulcan and a Shun Wu! Have they found the origin of the villains submarines ? The games afoot ?

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Superhero Kids: Power Princess & Techno

Not content with bringing FASERIP to lunchtime Lairs the kids 5 & 7 rolled up characters too – might take em for a spin


Lunchtime Lairs: MSH FASERIP Behold the Liverpool Legion Of Legends !

Fighting crime out of the Triad building Bootle come a new Regional British superteam:

Boreas (Immortal mutant)

I have been a king, a beggar, a soldier, a slave. I have been worshipped, feared, derided, dismissed, and cursed. I have seen empires rise and fall, the glaciers come and recede, veldt become desert. I am the immortal Boreas, God of the North wind and bringer of winter and I take the 68 to the Triad for work every morning.

Danger Dan (altered human)

‘Danger Dan’ was an aspiring wrestler throughout his childhood/teenage years. He committed time and resource to realising his aspirations, but found himself discarded by the industry shortly after reaching adulthood due to his distinct lack of requisite physical attributes.

Whilst zen-like in his ability to withstand ’emotional attacks’ he found himself without a clear path forward.

On hearing about a mythical school in Nepal which offered training in magic and the supernatural, he decided to seek it out.

After many months, he found what he was looking for. He was accepted into training as a result of his persistence and unwillingness to take no for an answer. After many months more, he had developed a rudimentary understanding of time control, but it was clear that he lacked the requisite mental attributes for continued education. He found himself, for the second time in his life, discarded.

Wandering aimlessly in deepest darkest Nepal, he had the misfortune (?) to be bitten by a firefly. Living in close proximity to the supernatural school, the firefly had been deeply affected on a genetic and spiritual level.

Shortly after receiving his firefly bite, Danger Dan found himself sprouting tiny wings. These were far to small to facilitate flying, but Danger Dan found that, with practice, he had passable gliding capabilities.

Furthermore, he found, when camping wild in the dark hillsides his body emitted a dim glow.

Calling on his earlier learning, within a short time he had learned to combine his innate connection to natural light with his basic supernatural abilities and gain control over light in his immediate vicinity. It was a fascinating development, and he became sure that with his gliding and wireless mood-lighting capabilities he could make insurmountable differences and be a real force for good in the world. He set out, with renewed focus, in search of a suitable platform upon which to perform.

Bugbear (hi tech)

Genetic researcher Kathleen Kirby was trying to develop a biological healing cocoon to health paraplegics. Frustrated by her lack of success she bought a curious genetic sample off a wizened old man with a long white beard – it was a great success. However impish devilish type creatures broke in and smashed her lab leaving her trapped in an inferno. Desperate she sheltered in the cocoon finding it was able to draw on the uncanny energy of her attackers and heal her. It also boosted her fighting and agility enabling to drive them off. Having lost her notes and determined to protect her research and life and uncover mysteries of the universe undreamed of that day BUGBEAR was born.


Created by a disgruntled City Councillor, this Super Lambanana was set to wreak havoc at the Capital of Culture celebrations. But with a newly minted conscience and a desire to do right by his city, this robot broke free from his shackles. Some say he’s a myth, but if you listen at the Triad, you might hear him bounding through the lift shafts. The government couldn’t contain him, entirely fictional city mayors couldn’t bribe him, but if you need a hero you might just find… BOSS BANANA

Fancy joining us we’re playing at Justplay Games, Tithebarne Street Liverpool Wednesdays 12-2pm

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Lunchtime Lairs 20a:Election victory

The money for everyone party was stumped when they’re opponents in the law & order and open town parties merge to form the ‘ home town party.’

However the cynical move seems the backfire with the electorate. Quick to move Seneca, Moloch and Farqhaur send over consolation gifts of moonshine. Unfortunately with a timer and fuse.

Having won the election by default much to disgust of the Judge and Mikita they proceed form an angry mob and storm the silver bell mine. Silver bell and her dwarfs exit with some loot on a magic carpet. Looting the office they find Tinkerbell had a silent partner – the Colonel their nemesis !

Lunchtime Lairs will return ….

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Pink Gins & Googlies: Tour Match Onedin Line Singapore office social club Ladies XI

A rare tour upset today in the beautiful surroundings of the Onedin Line Social Club cricket ground in Singapore. The touring ladies of the Cranford Ladies college old girls XI become unstuck perhaps rattled by their recent experiences of piracy.

Despite some very expensive extras by the home side the visitors wickets tumbled and they never really made hay. Captain Gregson being unlucky in the 5th over to duck a bouncer and cloche hat slip off hitting the stumps. Too many dry spells typified by Carstairs-Lomax seeing drives slowing the long field and abandoning runs that had looked like certain fours. The home fielding being a well honed machine.

In contrast when the visitors bowled they didn’t bleed extras but their fielding let them down. The home team played tight when then had to but then they saw spades had overs where they scored 8 or 11 runs easily. The frustration showing on the visitors used to victories over weaker home sides.

First Innings Cranford Ladies Old girls touring XI

Agatha Gregson 4 out hat on wicket Gorshaw

Winthorpe 6 LBW Neascome

Devonshire 3 caught Urqheart b Neascome

Flashard 11 Run our Urqheart b Neascome

Carstairs-Lomax 16 not out

Hebblethwaite 20 caught Rolfe b Gorshaw

Harvey 3 not out

Extras 7 wides 6 Leg byes

Total 76-5

Second innings Onedin Line Singapore office social club Ladies XI

Howard 23 bowled Bouchet

Howard-DuPont 30 caught Tremoux bowled Larwood

Rolfe 14 not out

Grey 10 not out

Extras 2 leg byes 3 wides


Onedin Line win by 3 runs

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Pink Gins & Googlies: 6:1 Yowie Yowzer !

Pink Gins & Googlies is a Cthulhu hack campaign following ladies of Cranford ladies college old girls XI playing cricket and having pulp adventures during a cricket tour

Arriving in Perth for their match against the Gold Diggers XI Hettie, Mags, Edith & Mavis hop in hire car and drive out to explore the bush and spot some wild wife.

After a few Kangeroos & Kookerbarras Mags is forced to swerve as a tawny creature lurches into the road – but too late hitting it. It twists the axel and the dismount in the dusk and see an immature ape like creature with a human sized head and relatively straight back legs. It’s been killed by the collision.

They hear and inhuman yowl as night falls from the bush and Hettie and Mavis gather their pistols and by lantern light follow the juvenile’s tracks. Edith and Mags the party scholars meanwhile try to fix the car. Mags underneath and Edith holding a lantern.

Hettie and Mavis lose the tracks in a forested copse. The mechanics hear heavy breathing from the roadside – while Mags hides under the car Edith tries to gun the motor to scare the beast but floods the engine.

The beast crawls out and flips the car on its back, Edith diving to safety. The beast swings down at Mags who dodges abs Edith throws dirt in its eyes giving them a chance to scramble away.

Mags tries to scare of the beast with a shriek and the fire from a lantern – it hurls a rock smashing the lantern plugging everything into darkness. Edith tried to get into the crumpled boot to get a fuel can.

The gun toting gals run back – Mavis tripping and face planting in the dark. Hettie hurdles over and takes a pot shot at a sinister shape – narrowly missing Edith ! Next shot her gun jams.

While Hetties hurls cricket balls she’s thoughtfully painted white for late night nets at the Mother Yowie, Mavis dashes round and finds the body of the young they stashed in the car. She presents it to the mother who takes and cradles it and lets out a yowl.

As the clever clogs girls get into the boot and fashion torches & hettie makes a ‘fire cat’ as another 5 Yowies join the mother in grieving. Remembering a shack up the road the girls march off as the Yowies parallel their course on either side of the road.

On the track to the shack rocks are thrown and Hettie gets bashed. They seal up in the shack with six beds and smoke house with blood sausage and biltong. It soon comes under attack. Hettie and Mavis blind shooting through the walls and roof till one comes crashing through. They eventually kill it as it stunned when Edith throws a pan of boiling water on it BUT yet more are hammering at the door….

Will are gals survive their nature trips and who owns the shack find out next week on pink Gins & Googlies

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