Pink gins & Googlies campaign summary

Cranford ladles college is a secondary and finishing girls public school in the (fictional) Cheshire town of Cranford. It was established in 1869 with a grant from the Harry Gregson, himself a recipient of charity.

‘ establish a school to furnish the brave character, education and physical health for young ladies of the county Cheshire and other parts of the North.’ Cranford Ladies College Charter

The main roleplaying of cranford has been a campaign with player characters as participants on a world tour by the 1926-27 Old Girls team of the Empire and North America with pulp adventures along the way.


Touring XI team



A pulp Appendix N

The Tour


Episode 1 Bay of baset

Episode 2 a fistful of crocs

Tour match Wives & Daughters 273 squadron RAF


Episode 1 camels & cameras

Episode 2 confrontations on corridors

Episode 3 assault on precinct Aden

Tour match Shiek Mumabrak’s harem


Episode 1 Bombay murders

Episode 2 Hunting the big cat

Episode 3 Confounding Cannibals

Episode 4 Bombay Bungalow straw dogs

Tour match Fagins ladies college


Episode 1 let’s have a ball

Episode 2 KMT leg theory

Episode 3 gremlin submarine shuffle & minty balls

Tour match Sisters Of Mercy XI


Episode 1 sky pirates

Episode 2 Zeppelin death volcano peril

Episode 3 reversing the polarity of the neutron flow

Tour match Onedin line Singapore office social club ladies XI


Episode 1 Yowie Yowser

Episode 2 out of the frying pan

Tour match Gold Diggers XI

Perth / Suborea

Episode 1 Perth to Suborea express

Episode 2 Liberty for Suborea

Episode 3 The Suborea Ashes (also an impromptu match)


Episode 1 smash n grab

Episode 2 don’t go to pieces

Episode 3 Explosive Ending

Tour match Cranford Old Girls v Sheep Station XI

Wellington, NZ

Episode 1 Death Flamingos

Episode 2 calm before the storm

Episode 3 Flashman Hamlet Massacre

Episode 4 the crazy constitution of New Zealand carpentry

Tour match Cranford old Girls v White Ferns

Hollywood, California, USA

Episode 1 Hollywood Hierophant

Episode 2 Happy Slappy

Episode 3 lights, cameras, action !

Episode 4 Star Struck

Episode 5 Rocket Rampage

Tour Match vs the Overseas Cricket Club cancelled due to fleeing the authorities

The Hamptons, NY, USA (ongoing – final tour match)

Episode 1 Sag Harbour Vampire

Episode 2 oh the fiends we left behind

Episode 3 oh la la the gangs all here

The future ….

In play we’ve spoken about ‘

  • four Mary’s’ style flash backs or as totally new adventures
  • Cranford in other universes ie superheroes (umbrella academy style,) Space 1889 solar system tour etc
  • The antics of a 1960s tour
  • The college being an SOE school and 1924 survivors being instructors
  • Ghost stories at the college – if I’m the future it became a hotel or conference venue
  • An Shado or torchwood type organisation recruiting from the college
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