Sabeurs and Savants : the Games

I ran my napoleon in Egypt Cthulhu hack horror twice once at Devacon II on Saturday 7 April 2018 and secondly at Virtual Grogmeet Friday 13 April 2018. I don’t want to give to much away in case I dust this game off again but needless to say SPOILERS.

Both games where terrific fun and made by the players – plays the thing and it’s made by players.

In broad brush strokes a crack squad of French academics and military men venture into the Egyptian desert to uncover a ancient weapon for Napoleon during his invasion of that county.

In the course of this they are

  • beset by a unnatural lethal sandstorm they (but not their men) have supernatural protection from
  • Attacked by Bedouin led by a English spy Edmund Latchkey
  • Uncover a 17th century body of deformed suicide, Jean of Joiry linked to alchemist Chevalier d’Averoigne
  • Brave a deathtrap of bad air
  • Venture into three rooms containing unnatural perils
  • All of which featured strange murals which promote much OC head scratching and theorising
  • Face temptations of a transformative exilier
  • Finally enter a chariot from the stars beyond and deal with its awoken occupant

Devacon II

DevaCon’s a small friendly con I discuss in general here. I had a full complement of players for this game including some I know of old. There was lots of banter and rivalry between the PCs and Sergeant Roderqiue in particular was very unlucky (and debauched.)

To deal with the bad air Professor Agreable constructed a rebreather device. Madam Berdau sorely wounded and more by luck than accident the PCs managed to survive the second death trap. Entering the ‘ chariot’ in the final combat with bandage wrapped crocodile alien which has escape it’s suspended animation coffin Madam eventual brought down explosive charges trapping it in rubble. Unfortunately Keith Davide also went insane and drank the transformative elixir so the PCs has to kill him to though with some loses. Eventually though they found an escape pod and escaped.

Unfortunately the final scene was a caption ‘around 120 years later’ as a bandaged claw escapes from the sands. To be continued

Virtual Grogmeet

I had four players for this session including Australian and east coast USA. This party captured Edmund Latchkey in battle with Bedouin. They also pumped out the bad air from that trap. Will there was some rivalry they were a more collegiate bunch with Lt Davide taking a lead on military tactics – Roderique with the men and the scholars the Professor and Madam sharing duties admirably.

They made shorter and less lethal work if initial death trap – we’ll except for poor Mr Latchkey their Guinea pig. They also used the magical trinkets that protected them from the sandstorm to survive the second room. In the third resisting the elixir.

Upon entering the Chariot they met the beast in the control room – instantly that took away the Professor led to him burning out his eyes with acid he’s prepared for battle. Davide also went insane and in his delirium though he’d won a victory. The difference here as the party has spent longer in the main chamber was the beast had started the spaceship engines. As PCs played other PCs Lt Kurt Russel backstabbed the beast and Madam tried to control the ship but…

Ultimately as the creature it’s about partially blown off by a grenade shoved down it’s about by him tried to crush Piper in a bear hug he killed it a series of head butts. The engines roared – Madam controlled it but sadly her reflexes could not and history books of this world report a comet smashing into the Great Pyramid.

Also to be continued

The Background

The aliens are a variant on the Grampi and did indeed conquer Egypt in pre-history. They were defeat by local heroes & time traveling super-heroes (which may well be another convention type game one day.) I lone survivor escaped and decades later became an object of worship – some members of the cult wanted to wake him and the cult fell out and was eventually pushed aside.

Alexander the Great found out about this and raided the temple. He didn’t die of too much wine but trying the elixir. Chevalier d’Averoigne later pieced things together tried to improve the elixir but took it for self defence. Studied by Cardinal Richelieu’s top men the papers on the matter stayed I disturbed till Napoleon’s staff started to research Egypt.

Meanwhile the ‘waking’ portion of the cult bided their time – gave the PCs magical protection agains the sandstorm defences and did a ritual to wake the remaining occupant….

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