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Eagle over the Mersey: American Civil War Union spies in 1860s Liverpool campaign

I have long been intrigued by using the espionage exploits of Thomas Haines Dudley, United States Consul. and his spy, Matthew Maguire who busted and monitored Confederate arms buying efforts in the UK from their base in Liverpool. Players could be from a variety of backgrounds. It would be important to have a variety of […]

White Hounds Holocaust: Campaign 5 Session 7 Last will and testament

ERCE on a sticky wicket written up by Ed of Fannyside gamesin the style of his character Commandante Vasquez A Farewell to Arms – The Last(?) Testament of Commandante Dr. Ernesto Valezques, BA, DEA Being of sound mind, but unsound body I compose this report in the hope of being able to complete account of […]