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Kommander Kehaar – Terror of the High Skies

A dashing piece of four colour villany the mysterious Kommander Kehaar uses his stealth submersable airship the Sheiße Hawk and it’s ruthless crew to carry out audacious hijacks, piracy and acts of terror for profit in the waters and skies around Britian. That said despite his villany the Kommander has an arachaic sense of honour […]

SCARLET BUCCANEER! 70s Blackpool Superheroine

This was a project I started with the rather awesome Jack Couvela – do check out other examples of his art here : http://jackcouvela.blogspot.com/ for domestic reasons neither of us could move the project to fruitition but with Jack’s permission I’m sharing it here: First of all our heroine Costume She wears a pirate headscarf which […]