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Multiversal Comics Company: Villan: CAPTAIN CRETACEOUS

  High Concept: Dinosaur commanding criminal with petty ambitions Trouble: Focuses on petty revenges Aspect: Southern Gentlemen (sounds like Foghorn Leghorn.) Aspect:   Tinkering gadgeteer Aspect:   Accomplished cat-burglar Approaches: Good (+3) Flashy Fair (+2) Quick, Sneaky Average (+1) Clever , Forceful Mediocre (+0) Careful Stunts: Staff of Yig – magic item – with twin serpent heads […]

Roy Rovers Return

Ina  recent episode of Dissecting Worlds we discussed Roy Race having a ‘Dark Knight Returns’ type return to football after his exit with a lost leg. Well listener Peter Hammerson was kind enought to do an appropriate sketch: Heres the Batman cover for comparison. Goddam I wanna see that Roy Rovers Comic! Please check out […]

SCARLET BUCCANEER! 70s Blackpool Superheroine

This was a project I started with the rather awesome Jack Couvela – do check out other examples of his art here : http://jackcouvela.blogspot.com/ for domestic reasons neither of us could move the project to fruitition but with Jack’s permission I’m sharing it here: First of all our heroine Costume She wears a pirate headscarf which […]