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White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 3 Session Catshit Castle

Ian Fenris has once again stood up to write up the adventures of the 19th hold hand in the voice of his character Trece – Ian currently has a really cool minatures kickstarter based on a anthropomorphic play-by-mail he ran back in the day. So, right, we were away yeah an all you pips missed […]

#RPGADAY 31 Experience

So I had it 30 days of RPGADAY – yes stupidly a month early. However with them all written I can repost them in August. I’m planning to share them with Mersey Game Knights, the Grognodfiles and Devacon Facebook groups as well Twitter and a roleplaying yammer group So how have I found the experience […]

Pink Gins & Googlies 11.4 Family Finale

Having seized the French airship the girls find it locks down and under autopilot zips across the skies. Contessa Lemichello wrestles with the controls to no avail as the other girls attend to find an escape route. The airship descends into a giant barn in rural Long Island who’s roof opens to reveal a glowing […]

Pink gins & googlies: White Ferns XI v Cranford ladies

After the trials of the axe beaks Cranford ladies take to an overcast field to compete against the Wellington White Ferns, a very game bunch of girls over 50 overs. The in biting wind and overcast skies the White Ferns Captain Carol McKenzie wins the toss and sucking teeth chooses to bat. The inclement weather […]

Pink Gins & Googlies 11.3: oh la la the gangs all here

The girls (Gwen, Hettie, Mavis, the Contessa & Jemima ) travel to Sag Harbour to try and find submarines. Enlisting local fisherman Frank Sideboard they set sail in his humble rotten caque looking for infernal submersibles. They find no u-boats but find themselves surrounded in the thick of spiked sea mines. Under Sideboard’s direction they […]

Pink Gins & Googlies 11.2: oh the fiends we left behind

The Contessa and Hettie share news of their discovery and capture of the Sag Harbour Vampire with Gwen, Jemima and Mavis. The gals convene at the broom cupboard in Corpseington Manor that imprisons him and interrogate the beast. He reveals before being commanded to attack from Sag Harbour He hailed from the borders of Moravia […]

Pink Gins & Googlies: 10:5 Rocket Rampage

The gals are carted off to a cell. They demand food and served a stew with blinking eyeballs – it’s too much for Hettie who enters delusions of being in Nottingham. Jemima makes a fuss distracting the guards, Gwen bashes one on the back of the way with a tray and giving them an opportunity […]

Pink Gins & Googlies: Tour Match Sydney – Cranford old girls v Sheep Station XI

Following the adventure with the Crown Kookaburra of Crime Cranford Old Girls take to SCG to play a hoary handed set of women from NSW Sheep Stations. The Australians win the toss (again!) with rip roaring confidence anchored by Irene Roberts scoring 67 make 211 runs to frustrate the visitors. After a splendid tea the […]

Pink Gins & Googlies: Tour Match Perth – Cranford old girls v Gold Diggers XI

After the loss of Madge the Cranford old girls take to the pitch in low spirits to face a local team of hardy miner’s wives and sweethearts from the outback. The locals win the toss and elect to bat. They make efficient if not starling progress and are helped by extras from unusually sloppy bowling […]

Pink Gins & Googlies: New Girl : Jemima

(As Edith is a little injured Stubs is now going to play for a bit a new member of Cranford ladies college old girls XI … Jemima Arkwright-Harris Narrative Jemima is the 3rd & youngest child to former Lancastrian land-owner and magnate Eduard Arkwright-Harris & his wife Mary. Sadly, she is also the heir to his estate following the premature death of her older brothers […]