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Campaign 2 Episode 8 White Hounds Holocaust Finale – Bohemian Boat Trip

Dave has provided a ‘cabaret’ write up of the last game for the Arribistes in amazing style. Genius. Lyrics Was this a good life?Living on TenerifeAfter the King died,Frankie ruled this place terriblyOpen your eyes,And on the horizon see,Medium sized yacht, landing a small dinghyBoats are easy come, easy go,To our town, they may go,Any […]

White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 1 Session 3 Big Birds Party (Kostas) (Santa Barbra)

“So we arrived at the place. When we first arrived, it seemed that there was a huge – and I do mean huuuge – party going on, though when we got a bit closer it seemed strange. There was lots of music and everyone was dancing in the street and “acting all silly”, as sister […]

Episode IV: Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

The Mutoids a ‘jasmine Bhangra’ band have hired the Scattergun Approach to go and recover their lead guitarist Michela who has ran off to join a cult – the Arkvists. They have a tour coming up and the band’s contract is void without her. The Arkvists worship the supreme predator and their Temple (or Ark) […]