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Asaratuhiem & Alfheim, the Scandivar colonies

To the north of New Duninaden lies two vast swathes of territory nominally colonised by Scandivar exiles from Ancienia. Asaratuhiem lies south of the channel and falls from Lake Halit to the Malkian Ocean while Alfheim lies to the north of the waterway. As far as their settlement Scandivar settlement goes they are identical. Back […]

The Pre-history of the World of Drakesdoom (1/2)

(This is a stab at the Pre-history of Drakesdoom with nods to Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E Howard, HP Lovecraft, Robert Anton Wilson and maybe even Tolkien…) Cosmic Truth There are no gods. This is the stark underlying truth to the Drakesdoom universe. There is no beneficent creator whatever the Adrianists or other religions might […]