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Lunchtimelairs B&B3&4 The Thick Of it

In the midst of the Promise City election campaign our hearty murder hobos – I mean adventurers decide to get serious. While nominally they want to win to flush out the Colonel of the Konsolidated Farmers of Chicken who tried to kill them the realisation of they win they could fleece the town dry seems […]

Drakesdoom campaign frames – which would you prefer?

I’m really enjoying the shared supers game. I haven’t forgot all about my fantasy setting Drakesdoom and have been giving some thought to campaign frames to set for any future game in the F20esque wild west of the Midmark. In general I think I would co-opt the team building Dramasystem method of determining the relationships […]

The Guildocracy of Dunloch

  Leadership and Politics North of D’elan is the guildocracy of Dunloch. It is ruled by a Grand Council of Guildmasters, who are elected by various different means depending in the particular guild – it varies from block votes, secret ballots, open hustings and more. The economic fall of Dunloch has led to factions forming  […]

Pubs of East Drakesdoom

Timbertown –East Villas – restaurant and bar for nouveau rich with visible security the armed and armoured ‘Timbertown Territorials’ (who also undertake freelance detective and protective work for the rich.) The Inky Fingers – Spawning Grounds – drinking den of the Daily Roar’s employees. The Tunnel and Troll – Trollbridge – opposite the beehive Troll […]

Pubs of West Drakesdoom

Some notes on aleshouses of West Drakesdoom The Infernal Infant –fisherman’s pub at the end of Northern tip of the Lane of a Thousand and One Delights – it serves both Fish fields and North Quays The Circle Bar– West Drakesdoom – Fishfields  – pub opposite and serving the Circle Theatre The Cape and Cowl […]

Drakesdoom:The House of the Scorpion

This impressive three story red brick court hosts the gymnasium of West Drakesdoom – part gentleman’s House, part bathhouse, part warriors training facility with a taverna attached. The institution has a rivalry with the East Drakesdoom ‘Flynn’s Gym.’ It is situated just down the Lane of a Thousand and One delights on the Barrack Barrio […]

Drakesdoom: The Herald and Cat

This is a basement drinking drink in the West Drakesdoom slum of Alleytown. Several tenements have had their basements knocked through to create the prime social space of the slum. At one end a low stage exists for the use of bards, jesters or skalds.  The other is the impressively fortified bar made out of […]

Religion in Drakesdoom: Faiths of Ancienia: The Church of Paneskit

Since the split between Slovo and High Adrianisim the inland nation of Paneskit followed High Adrianisim, despite being cut off from the Mother Church by Slovo Adrianist nations. Paneskit was invaded by Ishamli invaders (a rival religion to Adrianism) around 300 years ago who converted most of the tribes. The die-hard Adrianists fled into the […]

East Drakesdoom

East Drakesdoom Whereas West Drakesdoom is older and much of it is built of brick East Drakesdoom (outside of the docks, East Villas, the Holy Banks and Speicherstadt is timber,) is mud and wattle and daub buildings. While the older portion of the City enjoys some underground sewers there is no such amenities in the […]

West Drakesdoom

West Drakesdoom is the older portion of the City predating East Drakesdoom by circa 10 years and a grand old 30 years of age. It has not flourished like the larger eastern portion of the City mainly because of the surrounding millennium old Necropolis – what has kept it expanding is the City and Mark […]