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Pink Gins & Googlies 7: 1 & 2 Perth to Suborea express

The adventurous ladies of the Crawford Old Girls touring XI determine to investigate the Perth Ship yard Alpaca Lords which seems to supply submarines to super villains. They carry out several investigations find out it has no employees as such but recruits one scholarship boy through an open completion from local schools. They interview parents […]

Lunchtime Lairs 19d: Escape from I.G.O.R

Arjad the Arcane and the unlucky Waterwind are working in UGGE salt mines having been taken prisoner (what happened to Satanna ? Maybe he was working in another working party.) They’ve spotted a blue domes castle has been built by the orcs on a nearby volcano. One night they are minding their sores & bruises […]

Conjourers Club Lecture: the Union Of the Greater Goblin Empire

The Conjuror’s Club is a ramshackle club for magic users in Thiefstown which holds lectures on the night of a new moon for its members here is a recent lecture inspired by a recent lunchtime Lairs** adventure. An aged wizard called Kaos with salt and pepper hair marches on stage. ” listen up – this […]

Lunchtimelairs B&B3&5 Blazing Presses

Week 7 in the election campaign and the party as the ‘money for everyone’ party hire a prostitute who books a room in the drovers hotel. They then charm Mayor Cassidy of the rival Law and Order party to murder her while Seneca is being interviewed by Parker of the Promise City Herald at the […]

Hero kids revival 4: the Grand Theatre & Dracula’s Castle

A ladies shopping trip meant me and the youngest caught up on some hero kids. With no prep I used a flashing Blades scenario i’s run at Grogmeet 18 & Devacon 18 for Harry the Warlock who (having recently played the game book) my son decided was ‘ the warlock of firetop mountains son.’ We […]

Lunchtimelairs B&B3&4 The Thick Of it

In the midst of the Promise City election campaign our hearty murder hobos – I mean adventurers decide to get serious. While nominally they want to win to flush out the Colonel of the Konsolidated Farmers of Chicken who tried to kill them the realisation of they win they could fleece the town dry seems […]

Cheshire Pendragon 503ad: Lices, Taxes & Marriage

Against the background of everyone in the County suffering from Merlin’s plague of lice as part of his Moses curse. The year starts with Sir Gato marrying Lady Nia of the Sisters of Minerva. Sir Piran & Sir Mathuin had their own marriage issues with their proposed marriages to the twins Rose and Lilly respectively, […]