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Diversity in turkey & wot it means in games

Diversity in turkey & wot it means in games

I’ve recently returned from Turkey. i’ve been several times and have been struck by the visual diversity in the staff. I’m not here talking about Turkish minorities like Kurds or Armenians but the visual diversity in the Turkish people I met. I am making assumptions based on name badges, hearing them speak confident Turkish and […]

Heads Up: Lords of Creation

in the middle of my ambitious post apocalyptic tenerife project ive started to sketch my next overly ambitious project Inspired in part by listening to the Appendix N podcast , Fictoplasm and Breakfast in the Ruins podcasts discussing Roger Zelazny’s amber i’ve been thinking about Lords of Creation. This 1983 published game features players characters […]

The Sunfire’s Heart White Dwarf 56 & 57 (spoilers)

It took nine weeks of 2 hour sessions but my Monday black hack party finally completed the Sunfire’s heart. While fun was had through roleplaying some frustration was expressed at the scenario so I thought I’d collate my players views on Facebook here. The Sunfires Heart is a AD&D scenario across 2 issues of White […]

#RPGADAY 31 Experience

So I had it 30 days of RPGADAY – yes stupidly a month early. However with them all written I can repost them in August. I’m planning to share them with Mersey Game Knights, the Grognodfiles and Devacon Facebook groups as well Twitter and a roleplaying yammer group So how have I found the experience […]

#RPGADAY 22 Rare

I’m not one for collecting games so rare makes me think of scarcity in game worlds and the effect it has on the environment the player characters move in. An example is the Mad Max films where the scarcity of fuel and water affects character decisions and shapes how communities are shaped, In a fantasy […]

#RPGADAY 21 Push

Makes me think of pushing rolls – fate points, karma in marvel super heroes & beanies in fate that kind of thing. I listened with interest to the latest grognodfiles on the Conan RPG and the use of momentum & doom seemed really interesting – even if expensive coffee table RPGs bring me out in […]


What the heck are dice towers and what is the point ? That feels good to get off my chest. Towers make me think of wizards towers & the domain game. While we I started one of my recent black hack games with the adventurer scevsrtio ‘ the black tower’ that was more a cult […]

Black hack Thursday nights: Garibaldi & Albus Stumbledore backstory

Two of my Thursday nights black hack players both have a political exile background – the players agreed they were going to be connected one (the fighter Garibaldi) having disposed the other (the Mage Albus Stumbledore) before being disposed in turn. Given the Mage has a sun drill as a magical item I’m incorporating that […]

Pink Gins & Googlies 7: 1 & 2 Perth to Suborea express

The adventurous ladies of the Crawford Old Girls touring XI determine to investigate the Perth Ship yard Alpaca Lords which seems to supply submarines to super villains. They carry out several investigations find out it has no employees as such but recruits one scholarship boy through an open completion from local schools. They interview parents […]

Lunchtime Lairs 19d: Escape from I.G.O.R

Arjad the Arcane and the unlucky Waterwind are working in UGGE salt mines having been taken prisoner (what happened to Satanna ? Maybe he was working in another working party.) They’ve spotted a blue domes castle has been built by the orcs on a nearby volcano. One night they are minding their sores & bruises […]