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Pink Gin & Googlies 3:3 Gremlin Submarine shuffle & Minty Balls

Having found Wilks under some sort of mind control the girls return for dinner – with Mavis out of the picture they confide in Edith Tremoux, Belgian fly slip fielder. Together they decide to break into Shun Wu’s shop snd investigate her transmitter. With Mavis keeping look out the girls slip away after dinner. With […]

Pink Gins & Googlies 3:2 Columbo Cocaine Adventure – KMT Leg Theory

Following from their disgrace and investigations Mavis and Mags find themselves at dinner sat with Hettie and Petra Rebecca Lomax, a throughly modern woman. Both are up for helping with the investigation into Shun Wu’s curious Cocaine and the Italian espionage. Determine to make an early morning constitutional part of their training and set off […]