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Campaign 2 Session 6 Epic Poem

Building on last weeks musical session write up this week Dan writes up the session as a poem. Twas the night of the wedding, and all through the town, not a creature was resting, they were all getting down! They packed out the stadium, with lights and with sound, and dozens of Disney folk milling […]

White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 1 Session 4 Ennio’s voice log

Ennios Journal (Transcribed Audio) Right, so i guess this is Day One again, right? Expedition Two, Day One. My second Expedition already! So cool. We’ve just been back out to Big Birds place to rescue the Priest they’ve got dangling up there. Or dentist, to hear them tell it, but i guess you can be […]

Lunchtimelairs B&B3&5 Blazing Presses

Week 7 in the election campaign and the party as the ‘money for everyone’ party hire a prostitute who books a room in the drovers hotel. They then charm Mayor Cassidy of the rival Law and Order party to murder her while Seneca is being interviewed by Parker of the Promise City Herald at the […]

Pink Gins & Googlies 4:1 Bombay Murders

” MAN OVERBOARD!” Goes the cry as the SS Duncan carrying out lady cricketers turns into Bombay harbour. Quick witted Batswoman Gwendoline Devonshire, Edith Tremoux, and Bowler Hettie Larwood rush to respond. As the racing steamer has left the bleeding body in the waters – sharks circling they launch a lifeboat. Despite inept rowing they […]

Flashing Blades 1623: a snap in the dark (part deux)

Following on from the events of Part Un Joesph and Baron Remi find themselves confronted by the Crocodile-man-beast they presume to be the Chevalier D’Avgionine. The Baron gets a shot off with his pistol and then the adventurers flash their blades in an effort to ignore the beast. It’s tail flails and hurts Joesph but […]

Flashing blades: 1623 The haunted villa (part deux)

Having gained access to the villa of Viscount Gilbert via the tunnels the Cauldroneers determines to explore the rest of the villa. By quick wits they determine the weight of torches racked ready for use is wrong and that they have been loaded with gunpowder as a deadly trap to the unaware. Proceeding gingerly by […]